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"Okay Chucky, you wanna play? Let's play!"
―Andy about to fight Chucky.

Andy Barclay is the thirteen year old child of his mother, Karen.

Child's Play (2019)

After coming home from her shift at Zed-Mart, Karen finds Andy playing on his phone. They argue over him not unpacking the boxes in their apartment and feeding the cat, Mickey Rooney. He tries to sway the conversation into getting a new phone for his birthday, as he claims the phone is his primary source of education. Karen reminds him that this move is supposed to be a new start, and asks him to go out and try to make new friends. However, instead he sits alone on a nearby picnic table throwing rocks at a garbage can.

The next day, he comes home from school to see his mother's boyfriend Shane in their apartment, and leaves by claiming that he is going to hang out with friends. Instead, he sits alone outside in the hallway playing on his phone. He is seen by Mike, who introduces himself and mentions that his mother forces him to come for dinner every week and Andy is welcome to join them anytime. Karen brings Andy back to their apartment, and surprises him with an early birthday gift, a Buddi doll. Disinterested at first, he activates the doll but notices it functioning improperly. He attempts to name it Han Solo, but it mishears and names itself Chucky. When he tries to get Chucky to turn the television on, glitches out further and cannot process the command. Karen offers to return the doll to Zed-Mart, but he reassures her that it's pretty cool and takes the doll back to his room. Once inside he shows Chucky his cat, mentioning that he is a "total dick", and is surprised to hear the doll repeat the phrase back. Taking the doll to his desk, he shows him his sketchbook full of drawings of fake buddy-cop teamups, but quickly closes the book upon seeing a photo of him and his father. Before going to bed, Chucky begins singing the Buddi Song to him, which he finds weird. In the middle of the night, he wakes up to find Chucky watching him sleep and frustratedly puts his pillow over his ears when the doll starts singing again.

Andy watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

The next morning, Andy gets ready for school and tells Chucky to stay home. He returns after school, surprised to see that Chucky was waiting for him at the door the whole time. When he notices that Shane at his home, he picks up the doll and goes outside to the picnic table. While throwing rocks at bottles, he confides to Chucky his feelings about Shane. Calling him an asshole, Andy believes Shane will just end up leaving him and Karen eventually. But Chucky states he will never leave him, and the two share a hug. They go back home and bond over a boardgame, but stop when Andy is scratched by his cat after dropping a card. Andy leaves to get a band-aid, only to return to find an angry Chucky strangling the cat. Separating them, he explains to Chucky that he cannot hurt people or say something weird and creep anyone out. Just then, Shane walks in the room and scolds Andy for freaking out the cat. Making an exception, Andy comes up with a plan to have Chucky make a creepy face to scare Shane. As they work on their plan in the hallway they meet Falyn and Pugg, whose dog barks at the doll causing Andy’s hearing aid to emit a loud noise. After Chucking mimics Pugg's swearing, they become interested with Andy due to his strange Buddi doll that doesn't follow the rules. Andy tells them he was planning on pranking his mother's boyfriend, to which the kids encourage him to go through with and watch on his phone. They get Chucky to steal chips from the vending machine before going outside and showing him off to the neighbourhood kids. Later that night, Andy and his new friends watch the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Chucky notices how much they are enjoying the movie, so he tries to make Andy happy by grabbing a kitchen knife to do a reenactment of the movie, slowly approaching Pugg. Horrified, Andy pushes the doll down with a pillow and is cut by the knife while disarming him.

The next day, Chucky scares Shane again by playing a recording of Andy saying, "Shane's such an asshole". This prompts Karen to limit his time with the doll and locks him in a cabinet. During the night, Andy wakes to hear Chucky banging on the cabinet doors. After returning home from school the next day, Andy discovers Chucky escaped and slit the throat of his cat. He reasons that it made him unhappy by repeating Andy saying, "I'm so sick of this cat". Packing the cat's corpse into a box, he dumps it down the garbage chute and lies to his mother that Shane left the door open and let the cat out. That night, Andy wakes up to hear Chucky playing the audio of him strangling the cat. The next day, Andy comes back home from school to see Shane is at their apartment again, and lies that he is going to Pugg's. Some time later that night, Shane is again scared by Chucky, who is still repeating "Shane's such an asshole". Angered, he grabs the doll and heads into Andy's room. He confronts the boy, pushing him back onto his bed and telling him if he has a problem with him he should be a man and say it. Once Andy starts tearing up, Shane smiles and leaves his room. Crying, he laments that he hates Shane and wishes that he would just leave them alone, unaware that Chucky is listening.

Andy with the Shane watermelon present.

When he wakes up the next day, Andy discovers Chucky left him Shane's skinned face on a watermelon. Terrified, he asks the doll why he did this, to which he replays Andy saying "I just want him gone". After locking Chucky in the closet, he texts Falyn and Pugg to figure out a plan. He asks if he should call the police and tell the truth, but Falyn reasons they would never believe them that their doll went "psycho killer". Using wrapping paper, they disguise the melon and prepare to dispose of the evidence down the garbage chute. However, before they make it out of the apartment they run into Karen. He quickly lies that he is giving a gift to Doreen, their neighbour, for helping him with his homework. She offers to deliver it with him, much to Andy’s surprise. Before she can unwrap it, Andy convinces her to leave it so they can open it together for his birthday next week.

Afterwords, Falyn reminds Andy that he still has a killer doll locked in his closet, and they have to stop it. Tearing up, Andy promises Chucky that they can play now and gets him to drop the knife. By luring the doll back into his room, Pugg smashes a ukulele into the back of his head and they hold him down while Andy prepares to remove his power core. However, when he freezes when Chucky starts singing the Buddi Song Falyn pushes him out of the way and removes the core herself. After dumping the doll down the garbage chute, they all vow never to speak of what happened that night. Later that night, he goes to Doreen's apartment to have dinner with her and Mike. During their meal, he helps Doreen figure out the Kaslan App in order to hail a car whenever she needs a ride. When she leaves to put away the dishes, Mike notices the wrapped present on the mantle. She brings it to the table and explains it's Andy gift for her. With the two of them alone, Mike tries to open up to Andy, telling him that he needs to be careful about who he hangs out with in this neighbourhood. Once he leaves to the kitchen to put away the dishes, Andy snatches the watermelon and leaves their apartment in order to drop it down the garbage chute.

Soon afterwards, Omar invites all of the neighbourhood kids to his apartment to show off his new Buddi doll, which he has named "Chode". Although all of the other kids laugh, Andy is very suspicious. The kids all go to the Zed-Mart to browse the new products, and "Chode" approaches Andy when he is alone. Revealing himself to be Chucky, he warns Andy that if he cannot be his "best buddy", nobody can. He begins playing the video of Andy crying and Shane yelling at Andy on the display televisions. He smashes the doll on the floor, prompting Omar to rush over. Andy tries and fails to convince Omar that the doll is Chucky, and the two get into a fight. Pugg attempts to break them up only for Andy to push him into a shelf and hit his forehead. Everyone begins to think Andy is crazy, and the other kids abandon him. Before leaving with Karen, Andy finds Omar's phone on the ground and take it. Using the Buddi app, he watches Chucky's live video feed and sees him follow Doreen into a Kaslan Kar. Figuring out the doll is planning to murder Doreen, he runs after her car but cannot catch up with it and is forced to return home. Karen tries to confront Andy about what happened to their cat, but he does not convince her that it is Chucky's doing and he is going to murder Doreen. After she learns that Andy stole Omar's phone, she snaps that he is coming to work with her during her night shift, which coincidentally is the launch of the Buddi 2 dolls. While waiting for Karen to return from Omar's, Chucky taunts him by speaking through the Kaslan devices in his house, resulting in him destroying the television with a baseball bat.

Andy's friends discover the truth about Chucky, and rush to the Zed-Mart to rescue him. The four kids run to find Karen, but are halted when Mike handcuffs Andy under that suspicion that he killed Shane. When Mike notices that Wes was stabbed in the neck, he cuffs Andy to a display rack and rushes to the man's side. Suddenly the lights go out as Chucky takes control of the store, using the drones and Buddi Bear dolls to massacre the people inside. Amidst the chaos, Chucky hacks into Andy's hearing aid and begins taunting him that he cannot run from him now. He tries to run away by dragging the display rack, but he is spotted by a Buddi Bear who prepares to lunge at him. He is saved just in time by Falyn, and the four kids make a break for the exit. However, Chucky reveals to him that he has kidnapped Karen and is holding her hostage in the warehouse section of the Zed-Mart. The others try to convince him that they can call the police for help, but at the last second Andy knocks the cart holding the door open. He tells his friends that this is all his fault and he cannot let them get hurt, and goes to face Chucky alone.

Making his way to the warehouse, Chucky remarks that Andy doesn't need other friends as they try to keep them apart. He knocks Andy unconscious, and upon him awakening activates the forklift to hang Karen. Slowly walking onto his chest, Chucky explains that he was once broken and he now knows how to fix the boy. Right before he stabs him in the chest, Andy distracts the doll by singing the Buddi Song long enough to knock him out of the way. While trying to save Karen, Chucky jumps on Andy's back which allows him to cut the rope and drops all three to the ground. Andy picks up the knife and stabs Chucky in the chest straight through his power core. Believing the doll to be dead, Andy walks away and looks for his mother. Chucky makes one last lunge at Andy before being shot by Mike and decapitated by Karen. With Chucky finally defeated, Andy and his friends smash apart the doll's body in a nearby alleyway before setting it on fire.


  • Karen's nickname for Andy is "Noodle".
  • This version of Andy is seven years older than the original incarnation of the character, as the original Andy is six years old.
  • This version is the first character in the Chucky franchise to have impaired hearing, and wears a hearing aid.
  • In Andy's room, there are posters for Poltergeist III and Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Both of these films were released in 1988, the same year as the original Child's Play.