Angela is a schizophrenic woman, and a patient at the Harrogate mental facility. She was brought to the institution 30 years prior when she was found living on the streets. Fellow patient Claire had become her friend, and has taken care of Angela for the past five years.

Cult of Chucky (2017)Edit

She initially approaches Nica to ask if she can see her, claiming that none of the others can see her. She believes that she spent her whole life at Harrogate, but then died and is living as a ghost. Malcolm interrupts the conversation, scaring Angela, who runs away.

During the group therapy session with Dr. Foley, Nica explains her past to the other patients, wishing that her niece Alice is okay. Angela remarks that she is not okay, rising from her chair to say that "Chucky told me". She asserts that Chucky called her on the phone, and tells Nica that he is coming for her. While Nica cannot help but laugh, Claire goes to comfort Angela.

Later in the night, Chucky stalks the halls to find Nica's room. Angela comes out of her room as he stops in front of her door, asking where Nica is. She asks Chucky if he can see her, telling him that she will not hurt him. This confuses him, as he attempts to explain that he is an 80's children's toy standing in front of her holding a scalpel. However, she believes that he is just a part of her schizophrenia. He asks if she is who he talked to on the phone, to which she answers that sometimes she hears things too. Frustrated, he announces that "she's next" as he goes to get Nica.

Death Edit

The next morning, the alarm sounds as the nurses rush to Angela's room. There she is found dead lying in her bed, her wrists slit. In one hand is the wheelchair spoke Nica used to attempt suicide the same night, and written in her blood is "Chucky did it".

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