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Binx is the pet cat owned by the Wheeler family.

Chucky (2021)

When Jake returns home to his room with the Chucky doll, Binx instantly dislikes it and begins swatting at the doll's head. He suddenly stops, running away and hiding under the bed when Chucky hits the cat back. After Jake leaves his room, Binx hisses at Chucky once the doll looks over at him.


Later that evening, Jake waves goodbye to his visiting uncle Logan, aunt Bree and cousin Junior. He begins calling for his cat whom does not appear to have returned home. Going back inside, he witnesses his father Lucas destroying his art scultpure before he leaves his son alone in his room. Walking over to his bed, Jake discovers Chucky hiding underneath, and a bloody chunk of Binx's fur near him on the ground. After Lucas' death, Chucky finally reveals himself to Jake and admits that he killed his cat.


  • Binx is Chucky's 54th victim since Child's Play.
  • Binx is the second cat to appear through the franchise, the first is Mickey Rooney.
  • Jake's nickname for him is "Binxie".
  • He is played by two different cats, named Mango and Wino.