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"I don't wanna go through this alone. No matter how I treat my illness or what's going on at home."
―Bree on her decision.

Bree Wheeler is the wife of Logan and they live in a mansion with their son, Junior, and later her nephew Jake.

Chucky (2021)

During dinner at her brother-in-law Lucas' house, she tries to make small talk with Jake about his sculptures. She excuses herself after Lucas has an outburst about Jake's sexuality, and goes upstairs to Jake's room to talk on the phone with someone whom she really needs to see tomorrow. She hears a noise coming from the closet, but only finds Jake's Good Guy doll and Binx inside.

At the talent show the following night, Jake performs a ventriloquist act with Chucky. He exposes that she has a secret, making her visibly uncomfortable. After Jake's father dies suddenly, he goes to live with Bree and her family. She leads him to his new room, and asks him what he meant about her "secret", but is quickly dismissed as being just for humour.

On Halloween, the Wheeler's housekeeper Annie is found dead, from falling onto a rack of knives in the dishwasher. Detective Peyton plants the idea that someone might have pushed Annie into the knives, and Detective Evans questions if Jake had any problems with her as this is the second "freak accident" he's been involved with. This leads Bree and Logan to discuss their ability to look after someone like Jake, with her being unsure if they are qualified to handle Jake's issues. She tells him how they have no idea what's going on with their nephew, but Logan tries to reassure her that they don't know what Junior is thinking either. This causes Bree to remark how Junior is only thinking of pleasing his father, and that Logan pushes him too hard.

A few days later, she and Logan attend a meeting at school about Jake's bullying with the principal and Lexy's parents. They are horrified when they watch a video of the Halloween party where Lexy dressed as Lucas and acted out his death. After the meeting, Bree and Logan are called to a fire in the Cross' house, where Junior was at Lexy's party. At the hospital, after seeing Oliver's parents finding out about their son's death, she tries to tell Logan that they need to talk. However, they are interrupted by Nathan and Michelle's arrival. The four end up getting into an arguement after both couples accuse the other of bad parenting, resulting in Logan punching Nathan. Detective Evans ends the fight when she reveals Oliver's cause of death, and that both families must be available for questioning.

When Junior comes home, the family talks over dinner about Logan pulling some strings to get Junior back into competitions. Jake repeatedly gets texts from Lexy, and Bree asks him to give his phone to her when he does not put it away. Jake and Junior fight over the phone causing Logan to forcefully end their exchange, resulting in both boys leaving the dinner table. With the two of them alone, Bree confides to Logan that everything in their lives is falling to pieces that his behaviour isn't helpful.

The next day, she visits her therapist and discusses her fears of revealing her secret to her family, that she has stage 4 cancer. She kept it from her family to protect them, but ultimately decides to tell them so she does not have to go through it alone anymore. After finally telling Logan about her cancer they decide to tell Junior, but he can't bring himself to and leaves the room. She explains to her son about her illness, that they are going to get through this together, and they share a tearful embrace.


Bree falling to her death.

Later that day, Bree drives to her therapy session with Junior, leaving him in the car while she goes inside. During her session, her therapist asks her if telling her family was unburdening, but she replies that it was horrible as her pain was not meant to be shared. She also reveals to her therapist that she made another decision, that she is going to refuse treatment for her cancer, in order to spend her remaining time with her family. Her therapist worries about Bree being depressed, but she reassures her that this is the first time she hasn't felt hopeless in weeks.

After her session is finished, she begins to text Logan about her decision, but deletes it before sending anything. While looking out the window, she does not notice Chucky pushing the mail cart towards her. Hearing the mail cart's squeaking wheels, she turns around just as the cart rams directly into her, causing her to smash through the window and fall to her death. As Junior listens to his music, her body lands directly onto the car with her face pierced through the windshield. Her death is ruled as a suicide.


  • Bree is Chucky's 60th victim since Child's Play.
  • Her death is similar to Maggie's death in Child's Play.