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"Fuck me."
―Brett when he sees Chucky flipping him off.

Brett Shelton is a cadet lieutenant colonel at Kent Military school. He is a military brat, and often abuses his rank as officer to bully new cadets.

Child's Play 3 (1991)

Shelton enjoys antagonizing the new cadet Andy, as his roommate first finds him tied up and gagged in his closet. He also apparently has a disdain for Kristen, as she openly back talks him and shows no fear of his status. He also appears to be good friends with Major Ellis.


Though Colonel Cochrane was dead of a heart attack, the staff intended to go on with its annual paint ball wargames anyway. Unfortunately for them, however, none of the students knew that Chucky had interfered with their equipment and replaced their paint bullets with true, live ammunition.

Before the activity commences, Andy runs off to find Tyler, and Shelton goes off in search of him. During the search, Kristen is attacked and held hostage by Chucky, forcing the blue team to come out for her. Meanwhile, he also calls out an insult to the red team, knowing a fight between the teams will surely ensue.

When Andy and Tyler catch up to Chucky, he demanded a trade off, Tyler for Kristen. During the trade, Shelton also catches up to them; he witnesses Chucky being alive this whole time. His last and final sight was Chucky flipping him off, right as he is accidentally shot and killed by the red team in cold blood.