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Cape Queer is the sixth episode in the first season of Chucky.


Jake and his friends set a risky trap for Chucky that could have dire consequences if it backfires.


After being freed from the Harrogate mental institution, Andy and Kyle begin hunting down the remaining Chucky dolls. They enter a home of a family and start to inquire about the Good Guy doll their daughter has in her possession, which turns out to be the Chucky doll Tiffany gave to Nica at Harrogate, claimed to be Alice's therapy doll. Andy and Kyle then shoot the Chucky doll repeatedly until he dies.

During class, Jake, Devon, and Lexy watch as their Biology teacher, Miss Fairchild, is arrested and charged with the murders of Oliver and Principal McVey. With no other options, Jake and Devon are able to successfully contact Andy and Kyle, who reveal that they have Chucky's head in their possession and were able to learn about his soul-splitting spell. Meanwhile, Nica reverts back to her original body and feigns Chucky in Tiffany's presence. However, Tiffany discovers the ruse and reveals that she has purchased Chucky's childhood home before knocking Nica unconscious and tying her up inside the house.

Bree comes clean about her cancer diagnosis to her family. During a meeting with her therapist, Chucky pushes a cart towards Bree, causing her to break out of the glass window and fall to her death. Bree's therapist attributes this to depression and labels this as a suicide. Devon finally reveals his relationship with Jake to his mom, Kim. Shortly after, Jake, Devon, and Lexy set up a trap for Chucky, who attacks the trio and murders Detective Evans by breaking her neck when she falls down the stairs.

During a flashback, Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany purchase a car while she slits the salesman's throat. As they drive, Charles reads a book about Voodoo.



Official Soundtrack

  1. Sad Dad, Freda James - I'm Gonna Get It
  2. Shaed - Trampoline
  3. Moon Kissed - Panic Mania
  4. Modern Art - Fatal Crash Immersed The Start
  5. Elmer Bernstein - Teddy Bear Wired
  6. Elmer Bernstein - The End


  • Title Card: The Chucky logo is comprised of shards of glass reflecting Chucky's face.
  • This episode's original title was "Mother's Day".
  • This episode's official title, "Cape Queer", is a reference to the 1991 film Cape Fear. This episode also uses music from the film's soundtrack.
  • When Chucky is laying on floor after being zapped by Devon, he references the famous Roger Murtaugh quote, "I'm too old for this shit" from the 1987 film Lethal Weapon.