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Caroline Cross is a gifted little girl, who becomes enamored with Chucky.

Chucky (2021)

She attends the middle school talent show with her family, where she spots Chucky and becomes obsessed with the doll. A week later on Halloween night, she sits in the living room drawing Chucky. Her parents are amazed that she is able to remember every detail of the doll only after seeing him once. When she is asked if she wants to meet Chucky, Caroline replies that she would be too scared that he wouldn't like her. Lexy is forced by her mother to take Caroline trick-or-treating. Instead, she takes her little sister to a Halloween party and lets her stay downstairs playing video games. Sometime during the night Chucky joins her in the videogame, complimenting her potential and attempting to persuade her to kill Lexy. However, she insists that killing is bad because her mother told her so. Once the party is over, Caroline refuses to go home with her sister as she is waiting her new friend to come back.

A few days later, her obsession becomes so strong that she shuts down, crying and screaming that she wants Chucky. Lexy goes to Jake, who agrees to give Chucky to Caroline. They become inseparable, playing together and watching the news. At night, Lexy tucks Caroline and Chucky into bed before going downstairs to throw a party. When the two of them are alone, Chucky tells her he is going to kill her sister and invites her to come along, but she opts not to as she is too tired.

As a result of the fire caused by the fight between Chucky and Lexy, Caroline ends up in the ICU to treat her smoke inhalation. While Jake is being interrogated by Detective Evans, Chucky unplugs Caroline's oxygen causing everyone to run into her room and discover Detective Peyton's corpse. The next day, Caroline finally wakes up and tells her father she wants Chucky. After he shows her the disfigured doll, she screams in fear so much that Nathan gets rid of Chucky by throwing him down the needle disposal chute. While she is playing on her iPad, Lexy approaches her and asks if she can see the doll for a bit. Angry, Caroline shouts that she now hates Chucky as he is "bad".

After being discharged from the hospital, the family returns to their partially burned home and Caroline's new room is her mother's office. She is upset at having to sleep on the couch and demands her old bed. In order to distract her, Nathan surprises her with a new Good Guy doll named Tommy. She is promptly made happy by this and proceeds to hug the doll tightly. Lexy asks Caroline if she can hug Tommy, and immediately tries to destroy the doll. Realizing the doll isn't Chucky, she takes a photo of it and runs out of the house. Sometime that night while Caroline is sleeping with Tommy, the disfigured Chucky enters the house and switches bodies with the other Good Guy doll. The following morning at the town meeting, she tells Nathan that Tommy ran away. When he tries to assure her that her doll will be waiting for her at home, she shouts loudly that he won't.