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Child's Play (Comic Series)
Innovation Child's Play 1 Cover.jpg
Creators Andy Mangels
Type Mini-series
Years published 1991
Published by Innovation
Total issues 5

Child's Play is a 1991 comic mini-series that follows a story taking place after Child's Play 2.



The comic featured a "Stuck on Chuck" contest, where people aged 21 or over could enter. Contestants had to provide at least 10 photos of their face, and be prepared to sign a model release form if they won.

The first place winner was featured as a character in the fifth comic, and also won a Child's Play comic autographed by the filmmakers, and a molded Chucky doll inside a Good Guy box prop that was used in the Child's Play 2 film.

The second place winner won a Child's Play 2 script autographed by the filmmakers, as well as a molded Chucky doll in the box and an autographed comic.

The third place winner won an empty Good Guy box prop that was used in Child's Play 2, and was autographed by the filmmakers.