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Child's Play 2 (Novel)
Child's Play 2 Novel.jpg
Author Matthew J. Costello
Publication date November 1, 1990
Published by Jove
ISBN 0515107638
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Child's Play 3

Child's Play 2 is an adaption of the film of the same name. It is very similar to the film, yet does features differences.

Notable Differences

  • Two of Chucky's fingers are smashed early on when Mattson closes the trunk on his arm after shoving him in.
  • After Chucky is thrown down the stairs, there is a crack in the back of his head, but it does not mess up his thought process. There are rats down there who are hungry and they go on to try to attack him, he grabs one and squeezes it and kills it and throws it on the other side and the rats attack that one and leave him alone.
  • It goes more deeply into Chucky's past, such as his mother Minna Elizabeth Ray was a dwarf, his father Mr. Ray is Austrian and that he was put in special classes when he was younger. This novel also shows how Charles Lee Ray (Chucky) became the murderer we all know and love. We find out that because of all the bullying Charles got about his mother in school caused him to strangle his mother to death, buried her at a park on a rainy night and becoming the Lakeshore Strangler.
  • It is implied that Andy Barclay is only 7 years old. When in the film, he is a 8 year-old boy meaning that the novel version takes place in 1989 a year after the first film and the film version took place in 1990 2 years after the first film.