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Child's Play 3 (Novel)
Child's Play 3 Novel.jpg
Author Matthew J. Costello
Publication date September 1, 1991
Published by Jove; Mti edition
ISBN 0515107638
Publication Order
Preceded by
Child's Play 2
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Child's Play 3 is an adaption of the film of the same name. It is very similar to the film, yet does features differences.

Notable Differences

  • Chucky's death is different.
  • Chucky's resurrection is completely different. It opens in the abandoned Play Pals Factory, and a rat scouting for food finds his remains and begins to chew on it, and the blood somehow leaks into another doll.
  • When Andy arrives at Kent Military, there is a mention of Kyle and how Andy thinks to himself, "Kyle could kick Shelton's ass".
  • Whitehurst is described as pudgy and overweight.