Chucky (Devil's Due Publishing Comics)
Chucky TP
Creators Brian Pulido
Type Mini-series
Years published 2007-2009
Published by Devil's Due Publishing
Total issues 5

Chucky is a 2007 comic mini-series that follows a story taking place after Seed of Chucky.


Second VolumeEdit

The second volume was intended to be a four-issue series, but only the first issue was ever released. The story was to involve Chucky being captured and locked in an abandoned Good Guy factory.

A group of people are also trapped in the factory for a Sci-Fi Channel type reality show, where they must find hidden numbers to unlock the password and let them out. However, they then discover there are two killers inside the factory, one of which is Chucky, and the last number they have to get is in Chucky's pocket.

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