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Claire is a confrontationally paranoid patient at the Harrogate psychiatric hospital, and came to the institution after burning her house down. After befriending Angela five years prior, Claire began acting as her caretaker.

Cult of Chucky (2017)

At first, Claire is at odds with Nica at the group therapy session, immediately wanting to know why Nica murdered her family. As Nica attempts to explain her past actions, she is interrupted by Angela, who claims that Chucky is coming for her. Claire goes to comfort Angela while Nica cannot help but laugh, offending Claire.

Later at lunchtime, Claire sits with Angela as they eat together. She overhears Madeleine gushing over her Chucky doll, which she has taken in as her "baby". Hostilely paranoid about Nica's presence in general and anything connected to her like the Chucky doll, she comes over to Madeleine's table, telling her to accept that her baby is dead, and to stop playing with a "psycho killer's trophy". Claire grabs the doll but Nica demands she give him back; Claire backs down, giving the doll back and leaving the room.

When Angela is found dead, Claire views Nica as the killer and sees her claims of Chucky committing the murder as "bullshit."


Claire's death.

After everyone has left the group therapy room, she reenters and takes the Chucky doll to dump it down the laundry chute. However, right as she opens the hatch, she yells out in pain and drops the doll. Looking down at her arm, she notices a bite mark as Dr. Foley catches up with her. She now knows that Chucky is in fact alive, realizes that Nica is innocent of the murders, and tries to explain it to the doctor, but he believes that she bit herself. She is restrained by Carlos and taken to another room to be strapped down to a gurney. She is given ten CCs of Methohexital, which calms her down though she is still conscious and unable to move.

Dr. Foley is called out of the room, leaving her alone with Chucky. From there he grabs a canister of compressed oxygen and walks to the other end of her gurney. He throws the canister at the ground, which causes it to fly up and break the skylight above Claire. As she sheds a single tear, a large shard of glass comes down and decapitates her.


  • Her death scene underwent many rewrites. Ideas included her being electrocuted, drenched by the sprinkler system and then set on fire, and being injected with an anti-coagulant causing her to bleed out.
  • Her death is similar to Russ and Diane in Bride of Chucky.