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―David to Jesse after he sees Warren's corpse.

David Plummens is a long time friend to Jesse and Jade. He is very supportive of their relationship and tries his best to help them if they need him.


He has been known to date frequently, and mentioned dating an officer. His relationship was forced to an end when the boyfriend's mother found out.

He comes as a decoy date to appease Jade's stern uncle Warren. Regardless, the plan did not seem to fool Warren, as he sent his lackey Norton after them.

Bride of Chucky (1998)

David keeps the runaway couple informed mostly by phone of what was happening in town. During their "honeymoon" night, both husband and wife would separately call David and tell him worriedly that they believed the other spouse to be a killer.

He manages to catch up to them fairly quickly and joins them in their van. He convinces them that he's known them for years and knows they're harmless, and believes that either one of them was a good liar or they were innocent. Furthermore, he mentions the possibility that it could be Warren behind the murders, because no one had seen him.


David right before his death.

Although the couple reconciled, David notices a rancid odour coming from the back of the van. His search shockingly leads him to discover the body of Warren, immediately disillusioning him that his two friends are innocent. While he confronts them at gunpoint, arguing about the body and not caring who is innocent or a killer, he attempts to turn them in to the nearest police car passing by. However before he can, the dolls, realizing that their plans were about to be thwarted, reveal themselves and Chucky angrily demands everyone not to move as they hold them hostage with their own guns. David, in shock, accidentally backs out of the van onto the road, and is hit by a truck.


  • David is Chucky's 23rd victim since Child's Play.
  • David told Warren he was going to Princeton to study theater arts, on a figure skating scholarship.
  • David is the first gay character in the Child's Play series. Other gay characters that came after him are Carlos, Jake, and Devon.
  • David is the second victim that Chucky doesn't directly kill, after Colonel Cochrane, who died of fatal heart attack at witnessing Chucky wielding a sharp knife in Child's Play 3. He is also Tiffany's only know indirect kill.