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Death By Misadventure is the first episode in the first season of Chucky.


After a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos.


Jake Wheeler, a 14-year-old middle school student, purchases a vintage Good Guy doll from a yard sale with intentions of taking him apart using the pieces in his personal contemporary art project made from dolls. Jake's father Lucas, who already disapproved of this, later becomes furious during a family dinner where Jake's cousin Junior, an academic high achiever and junior athlete, makes a snide remark about how Jake spending too much time "playing with dolls", and comments on Jake being gay. Roused by latent homophobia, once alone, Lucas smashes the doll-sculpture Jake was working on with a baseball bat, and forbids him from bringing any more dolls into the house. That same night, Chucky murders Jake's cat Binx.

Hoping to sell Chucky after learning the value of vintage Good Guys, Jake takes Chucky to school the next day to protect the doll from his father. This causes him to be bullied by students at school, including Junior and his girlfriend Lexy. At home, Jake is called by a prospective buyer, who turns out to be Andy Barclay in an attempt to convince him that Chucky is possessed by the soul of deceased serial killer Charles Lee Ray. After reading articles of Charles' past, Jake throws the doll away. However, Chucky tracks Jake down to the school talent show later that night and forces him to perform an act, under the guise of the doll being a ventriloquist dummy. During the act, Chucky publicly humiliates both Lexy and his aunt Bree, causing Jake to be subsequently suspended from school. During a heated argument with Lucas afterward over his father's shame over Jake's sexuality, Lucas punches him, and Jake states that he wishes his father were dead. Once Jake leaves to go to his room, Chucky shuts the power off, forcing Lucas to go down into the basement and fix the fuse box. Vomiting up whiskey all over Lucas' bare feet and an exposed electrical cable. Chucky electrocutes Lucas to death. Jake is taken to live with Junior's family, and Chucky proposes the prospect of killing Lexy too. Flashbacks begin showing the childhood of Charles Lee Ray, who was born in Jake's town of Hackensack.


  • Binx (Cat) - Killed by Chucky. Off-screen.
  • Lucas Wheeler - Electrocuted after Chucky vomited whiskey at his bare feet onto an exposed electrical cable.


Official Soundtrack

  1. Billie Eilish - Copycat
  2. Martin Wave, VAAL - Chores
  3. Body Of Light - Fear
  4. Madalen Duke - How Villains Are Made
  5. Kim Petras - Personal Hell
  6. Davey Philips - Hickory Meadows
  7. VOW - Blue Bird
  8. The Exotics - Come With Me


  • Title Card: The Chucky logo is comprised of doll parts.