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Devon Evans is Jake Wheeler's boyfriend and a true-crime junkie and runs a podcast called "Hackenslash", which sheds light on local crime in his hometown of Hackensack, New Jersey.

Chucky (2021)

Jake Wheeler listens to one of Devon's podcasts while walking home from the yard sale he buys Chucky from. Devon claims the town is not what the mayor is making it out to be and that murder is the highest its been since the Ray Family Massacre.

The next morning, Jake spots Devon reading true crime comics on the school bus. He tries to strike up a conversation, only to be interrupted by his cousin, Junior, who sits right next to Devon.

In biology class, Devon is one of the students who receives Lexy's GoFundMe page for Nick and Chucky. He is the only student who is visibly concerned by this.

At lunch, Devon talks to Jake after noticing he's a fan of his podcast, which Jake at first claims is The Vampire Diaries. Devon invites Jake to the school talent show, then his studio to do a series on bullying. However, Jake refuses to be the "posterboy" for this particular crime and angrily leaves.

The next day, Devon plays piano at the talent show. Lexy praises him and his mother for his performance, though he becomes uncomfortable when she pressures Jake into asking what he thinks, as well. Immediately after, Devon witnesses Jake and Chucky publicly humiliate Lexy through a "ventriloquist" act and her stolen phone, finding it hilarious.

After the Cross family home incident, Devon is placed in the hospital and later helps Lexy and Jake find Chucky who is also in the hospital, when they do eventually locate him however, Devon is there to witness Chucky give him and the other two the middle finger.

After brutally destroying Chucky's body with Jake and Lexy, Devon and Jake share a kiss on their way home and later hold hands during the mayor's conference, where Principal McVey is beheaded by Chucky off-screen.

Now that Kim no longer suspects Jake as a potential killer, Devon takes the opportunity to come out to his supporting mom. He is also witness to see his mom fall and die on impact due to a snapped neck.

After the death of his mom, Devon tells Jake he no longer wants contact with him and that he will be living with his aunt for as long as he is allowed to. However this does not happen and Devon stays to assist Jake and Lexy in stopping Chucky's plan.

Devon later goes to investigate the Ray family house only to find Nica Pierce tied up, he frees her and introduces himself only to be tied up by Nica who is revealed to still be possessed by Chucky. He is also present to watch the army of Good Guy dolls be awakened.

Still tied up, Devon watches as Junior Wheeler Chucky-possessed Nica, Chucky and the possessed Jennifer Tilly have a conversation and watches in horror as Junior is encouraged by Jennifer to kill him but Junior can no longer bring himself to do it.

He is believed to have died following the exploding trap but shown to have survived and he reunites with Jake who he finds crying.

He alongside Jake and Lexy arrive at the showing of the Frankenstein movie only to discover Chucky killing those who could not escape in time.

He and Jake however were not present for the death of Junior and both are told of his demise by Lexy.

He is seen in the cemetery with Lexy and Jake who are visiting the graves of Bree, Logan and Junior whilst giving a final podcast and mentioning how not even their teacher, Rachel Fairchild, should know the truth. Unknown to him however, the three were most likely also seen by an unknown gloved person at a tree.


  • He is the sixth LGBT character in the Child's Play series, and the second in the Chucky TV series along with Jake Wheeler.
  • Devon's mother was a detective in the Hackensack Police Department, explaining his fascination with true crime.