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Dr. Ardmore is a children's psychiatrist at County General in Chicago.

Child's Play (1988)

He is called in by the police, to watch Andy as he is interviewed by two detectives. As they ask questions about the murder scenes that he was found at, he confronts Chucky, begging him to say something. As he shakes Chucky, all he does is repeat the doll lines. Now scared, Andy rushes to his mother, telling her he is doing it on purpose and said Chucky told him he would kill him if he ever told anyone about him. Dr. Ardmore, watching from behind the glass, finally announces his presence. After seeing more than enough, he suggests Andy stay a few days at the hospital. Having no real choice, Karen hands her son over.

As Andy looks out his cell window, he hears Chucky crawling up the stairs and tries calling Ardmore for help. Thinking he's very troubled, Ardmore sympathetically puts his hand over Andy's but quickly leaves to get assistance. Chucky manages to get into Andy's room, but by that time Andy had escaped. After spotting Andy escaping, he orders his guards to chase him. Andy finds his way downstairs and into an operating room, followed by Chucky. After Chucky knocks Andy down to the ground, Andy picks a scalpel up and prepares to defend himself.


Andy is terrified when he is seized by Dr. Ardmore, who puts him on the bed. Despite Andy's claims that Chucky is still in the room and will kill him too, he tries to give him a sedative. Picking up the scalpel, Chucky stabs Ardmore in the back of his leg, causing him to fall on the floor.

Chucky picks up a helmet, which is attached to an electric shock machine and straps it on his head. As Andy looks on in horror, Chucky activates the machine, shocking Ardmore to death. The police later discover the aftermath of the doctor's death, and Santos informs Karen that he believes Andy murdered Ardmore while escaping.