Eddie Caputo is the partner in crime of Charles Lee Ray, the Lakeshore Strangler.

Child's Play (1988)[edit | edit source]

During Charles keeping a woman named Sarah hostage in a safe house, Eddie waits for Charles in his getaway van. However, the plan goes sour when Charles is chased by detective Norris. When Mike shoots Charles in the leg and a police car arrives, Eddie decides to bail on Charles, despite him screaming and begging for his partner not to leave him behind.

Fatally shot, Charles desperately stumbles into a toy store and attempts a voodoo soul transfer on the closest thing he could find, a Good Guy doll. Before dying, he swears vengeance on Eddie and Norris, no matter what. The police eventually catch Eddie, but he escapes during his transfer to prison. He hides out in his and Charles' safe house, an abandoned house in a Chicago ghetto.

Death[edit | edit source]

Eddie's death.

Chucky is able to convince Andy to escort him to his hideout. When Andy goes off to use the bathroom, Chucky sneaks into his house and disconnects the gas line to the stove. Hearing someone open his stove, he arms himself and approaches his kitchen. Eddie fires a shot at a noise, resulting in the home exploding, which claims his life. 

The police find Andy nearby, and he tries to explain that Chucky told him to take him there. Not believing his story, they think Andy played some role in Eddie's death or witnessed it. 

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eddie is Chucky's 2nd victim in Child's Play.
  • Director Tom Holland was influenced by the Hillside Stranglers to make Charles Lee Ray have a partner.
  • According to Don Mancini, in an interview with William Bibbiani for 'The Chucky Files,' Mancini claimed Eddie didn't have any lines but made grunting noises. His only line in the film is "Oh shit... OH SHIT!".
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