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Father Frank Martinez is a priest, that came to provide comfort to Nica's family after her mother's apparent suicide. He is well known by the family, but especially known by Barb.

Curse of Chucky (2013)

He visits the house gives his condolences and support to Nica's family. While Nica appreciates his gesture, it appears both her and Sarah left the church for some time. He even supports Barb's idea at trying to sell the house, so that Alice could go to the private school she wished for.

As Nica and Alice are cooking chili, Chucky looks on. Ian then points out that he remembers Chucky as one of the Good Guy dolls, which were a popular 80's toy. Though Father Frank adds he remembers something else about the doll, something he once heard on the news. But he still could have no recognition of what it was. When they go to set the table, Chucky pours rat poison into one of the bowls, which Father Frank gets. After a while, the poison takes affect and he decides to take his leave.


The poison does not kill him however, he is killed in a traffic accident. This is most likely because the poison caused him to be disorientated.

He is pinned by the throat to the roof of his car. As pieces of the car are removed by emergency personnel, Father Frank's neck spurts blood and his head falls off, as the car was the only thing holding it together.