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The Garbage Man is an unnamed man who takes the garbage out of Kent Military School.


Colonel Cochrane catches Tyler playing with Chucky, and as toys are forbidden in Kent, he throws the doll in the trash. The garbage man takes Chucky into the truck, but before going into the vehicle, he hears a voice shouting from inside.

While he was searching around in the trash, Chucky slips out and into the driver's seat. Chucky then starts the truck's compressor. When the garbage man finally notices what it happening, it is too late for him to escape. As he tries to escape, he sticks his arm out and it gets crushed by the hatch closing. It is not known if he died from the pain or from his whole body actually being crushed.


  • The Garbage Man is Chucky's 13th victim since Child's Play.
  • An unrelated "Garbage Man" appears in Cult of Chucky, played by Tom Anniko.