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Give Me Something Good To Eat is the second episode in the first season of Chucky.


Chucky targets one of Jake's frenemies, forcing Jake to either stop the killer doll -- or help him.


Back in 1965, Charles Lee Ray returns home from trick-or-treating. Inspecting his candy, he finds an apple with a razor blade in it, but eats it anyway, uncaring as he cuts his mouth.

In the present day, Jake returns to school after his father's death where he's invited to Oliver's Halloween party. While everyone is out, Chucky murders the Wheelers' maid. Even though it's ruled as an accident, the cops accidentally let slip to Logan and Bree that they're beginning to suspect Jake murdered his father and now the maid. Jake confronts Chucky, who feigns innocence and tried to convince Jake he's on his side (even going so far as to mention his own genderfluid child).

That night, Junior and Jake overhear Logan and Bree discussing if they're even capable of looking after Jake, and Junior begins to fear Jake is capable of hurting Lexy. On the night of the Halloween party, Lexy is told to take her sister Caroline (who has begun to fixate on Chucky since seeing him in the talent show) trick-or-treating, but takes her to the party instead. Jake decides to stay home until he finds Chucky missing and races to the party in a panic. There, he finds Lexy has dressed up as his father, and is mocking his death. Despite his rage, Jake stops Chucky from killing her. That night, Chucky once again tries to convince Jake that the world is where you either kill or be killed, and that he'll have to man up and pick a side, offering his knife. Seemingly convinced, Jake accepts it.


  • Annie - Pushed down onto a rack of knives in the dishwasher by Chucky.


Official Soundtrack

  1. The Kac-Ties - Mr. Werewolf
  2. James Saaib - Velocity
  3. Resident Aliens - Bandit
  4. Electric Youth - Modern Fears (Pilotpriest Come True Version)
  5. Eddie Cuesta, Howard Lambert, Scout Ford - Back To My House
  6. Boy Harsher - Fate


  • Title Card: The Chucky logo is comprised of jack-o'-lanterns and knives.