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Gladys Kravitz is a realtor residing in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Chucky (2021)

On Halloween, Gladys is giving out candy to trick-or-treaters when she encounters Chucky wearing a Hello Kitty mask. Thinking he is a child, she plays along when Chucky starts asking if there are any parties in the area. She tells him about Oliver's party and in return he gives her an apple with a razor blade inside. Later that evening, Gladys bites into the apple causing her mouth to bleed profusely. She calls the police and Detective Evans arrives to her house. She tells the detective that it was a “horrible red-headed child” that did it.

A few weeks later, Gladys sells Tiffany, who is posing as Jennifer Tilly, a house in Hackensack. While giving her the keys, Gladys becomes unnerved when Tiffany reveals that her fiancé's parents were murdered in the house, and leaves a package with her before rushing away in her car.