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"I know I'm not alone. I know I'm not a freak. And even though we had our differences, I know my dad really loved me."
―Glen about Chucky.

Glen is the child of the killer dolls, and was unknowingly born with a twin sister, Glenda. However, for some reason, she remains dormant in her brother's body.

Bride of Chucky (1998)

He was born from his dying mother Tiffany in the Hackensack Cemetery. Shortly after, he attacked the detective who witnessed his birth. It is unknown whether he or Glenda was the one responsible for killing the detective.

Seed of Chucky (2004)

Glen was found by Psychs, who promptly took him back to Britain and named him "Shitface". He is forced to perform as a ventriloquist dummy, and often faces verbal abuse as part of their comedy routine. He is kept in a cage while not performing, and watches television. While watching Access Hollywood, he catches the end of an interview for the "Chucky Goes Psycho" film and discovers that Chucky and Tiffany are his real parents. This revelation is quickly interrupted by Psychs, who proclaims that Glen needs to be more scary during their routines. Placing a rat inside his cage, Psychs attempts to have Glen kill it. However, due to Glen's friendly nature, he simply bends down and starts petting it. Disappointed, Psychs tells him to give into his natural impulses, otherwise he will set him on fire. Before he can do anything, the rat bites his finger, allowing Glen to escape. He hops on the back of a truck, and travels to Hollywood in search of his parents.

Glen's "genitals".

Glen ships himself in a box to the Hollywood studio making the "Chucky Goes Psycho" film, and finds the animatronic dolls of Chucky and Tiffany in the storage area. Pulling out the Amulet of Damballa, which he claims is a "necklace" they left him, he reads the incantation on the back and brings them back to life. After witnessing his parents murder a man, he pees his pants. This causes Chucky and Tiffany to argue about the gender of their child, which they cannot agree upon as he is not anatomically correct, unlike his parents. Chucky believes he is a boy and gives him the name Glen, while Tiffany thinks she is a girl and calls her Glenda.

The three dolls sneak into Jennifer Tilly's limo and hide out in the attic of her mansion. Before going to bed, Glen asks his parents why they kill people, as he believes violence is bad. For the welfare of their child, Chucky and Tiffany decide to quit their murdering habits to set a good example. However, unlike Tiffany, Chucky has no intention of stopping killing, and tries to teach Glen behind her back. Chucky arranges a "boys' night out" for him and Glen, which results in them rear-ending Britney Spears' car into a ditch so forcefully that it explodes on impact. They then set their sights on their next victim, the photographer that took pictures of Chucky while at Jennifer Tilly's residence. Glen tries to stop his father and save him, but the photographer is so startled by Glen's appearance that he hits a shelf where sulphuric acid falls on him, killing him. Chucky is thrilled by this and sets up a camera to take picture of them beside the dead photographer.

During this time, Chucky and Tiffany had come up with a plan to transfer their souls into new human bodies to start a new life. They had chosen the actress Jennifer Tilly and director Redman. And for Glen, they impregnated Jennifer with Chucky's semen. The day after impregnating Jennifer, she realizes what is happening to her and tells Redman about her pregnancy. He promptly fires her from his upcoming movie, which infuriates an eavesdropping Tiffany. Sneaking into the dining room and under the dinner table, she guts Redman and kills him. Glen witnesses the murder, causing his eye to twitch.

The next morning, Jennifer's pregnancy has accelerated further. To stop her from leaving, Chucky and Tiffany bind her to her bed while arguing further about the gender of their child. Glen overhears this, angered by his parents not caring about what he wants. When asked what he feels like, Glen says confusingly sometimes he feels like a boy and a girl, and asks if he could be both. He also admits that he does not want to be a killer, which Tiffany celebrates. Chucky is not as thrilled, and discovers that Tiffany had killed Redman when he opens the closet containing his corpse. Seeing Redman's dead body again causes Glen's eye to twitch. That night, Chucky and Tiffany lure Stan in to be Redman's replacement, and wait for Jennifer to give birth to begin the ritual. Before anything happens, Joan enters the mansion in search of Jennifer. Chucky approaches her from behind ready to kill, but another figure sets her on fire causing her to fall to her death. This figure is revealed to be Glenda, who refers to herself as a "bonus baby". In order to stop Glenda's crazed rants, Tiffany slaps her across the face. This makes Glen come back, who begins tearing up and asks what he is.

Glen, human.

Jennifer gives birth to twins, where Glen is pleased to hear one is a boy. However, before they begin the ritual, Chucky suddenly decides throw out their plan and stay a doll. Tiffany is furious and resolves to take Glen with her, but before they can possess their hosts, the police come and the dolls flee. Tiffany and Glen follow Jennifer to the hospital, where they are able to drug her. In the nick of time Tiffany possesses Jennifer, just as Chucky bursts through the door and axes Tiffany's doll body through the head. Glen cries as his mother tells him not to make the same mistakes she and Chucky did, before dying. Angered by his father, Glen kicks him to the wall, takes the axe and proceeds to impale him in the chest and dismember his arms. Glen asks Chucky if he is proud of him, and Chucky congratulates Glen before being decapitated and killed. Realizing what he has done, Glen suffers an emotional breakdown, and Tiffany (in Jennifer's body) comforts him.

Five years later, Glen and his sister Glenda are living as humans with their mother Tiffany, who had possessed Jennifer Tilly. They are celebrating their birthdays, and Glen goes to open one last present which was addressed to him from an unknown sender. However, upon opening it, he pees his pants and his eye begins to twitch. Inside the box is Chucky's severed arm, which then attacks him. His fate is unknown.

Murders Committed by Glen

Bride of Chucky (1998)
  1. Lt. Preston:  Attacked his face. Fate unknown, but presumably killed off. (Possibly Glenda)
Seed of Chucky (2004)
  1. Claudia's Father: Stabbed, then fell down a staircase. (Dream)
  2. Claudia's Mother: Broken neck. (Dream)
  3. Britney Spears:  Incinerated when her car was ran off-road. Unintentional.
  4. Pete Peters: Knocked into a rack, where acid fell on him. Unintentional.
  5. Chucky: Hacked to pieces with an axe.


  • The inspiration for him is from the 1953 film Glen or Glenda.
  • In an interview, Don Mancini revealed that Glen is based on his own relationship with his father, and himself struggling with his sexuality as a kid.
  • Glen believes he is Japanese, as he has "Made in Japan" marked on his wrist. He is able to speak Japanese as well.
  • Glen is shown to frequently have violent nightmares, where he perpetrates murders. In the dream shown in the opening of the film, he arrives as an unmarked package for a little girl's birthday, where he murders both parents. He wakes from his nightmare when the little girl begins shouting that he is pissing his pants.