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"Welcome to Hell."
―Harold describing Kent Military.

Harold Whitehurst is the shy, quiet roommate and closest friend to new student, Andy. He is often a target of bullying and ridicule in Kent (particularly by Brett and Botnick).

Child's Play 3 (1991)

Harold meets his roommate in a most unusual way, tied up and gagged in his own closet by Shelton and his cronies. He soon become friends with Andy, and the two are frequently picked on and punished by Shelton, for "being out of line". He never understands why Andy gets in trouble so much, and Andy never tells him about his past.

However, he would soon see what got Andy so traumatized. After Sgt. Botnick gives Harold his regular haircut, he glimpses Chucky murdering Botnick as he leaves. Chucky knows that Harold saw him, but sees him as no real threat. He merely says "boo" to him, and Harold flees in fear. He runs back to his team, which is getting ready for their annual paint ball war. Andy, who is also on his team, realizes that Harold has seen Chucky. Despite Andy's pleas, Harold refuses to help or speak about Chucky, most likely out of fear of what would happen.

Unknown to the cadets, Chucky had switched their paint ball bullets with live ones. Before the game started, Andy leaves his camp to save Tyler from Chucky again. During the search, Kristen is attacked and held hostage by Chucky. He forces the blue team to come out for her, while shouting insults out at the red team as well, ensuring a fight will ensue. When Andy catches up with Chucky forced him to exchange Kristen for Tyler. When Shelton goes out to find Andy, he stumbles upon Chucky, alive, and is killed accidentally by the red team.


Whitehurst's death.

Major Ellis, the second in command of the blue team falsely blames Andy for what happened to Shelton. And as they began to fight, they do not realize that Chucky has thrown an armed grenade at them. Realizing the danger, Whitehurst bravely leaps on top of the grenade and sacrifices himself to save the others, the grenade exploding and killing him in the process. His death leaves members of both teams horrified (and Ivers heartbroken, suggesting a possible relationship between them).


  • Harold is Chucky's 17th victim since Child's Play.
  • Besides Andy and Kristen, Ivers is the first to mourn over his death. This may be because she was his closest friend, or she had feelings for him or both.