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"Watch your fucking mouth! That's my boyfriend you're talking about."
―Jake to Chucky.

Jake Wheeler is a lonely and troubled teenager trying to find his place in the world after his mother's death. He was formerly a student at Perry Middle School, and is currently dating Devon Evans.

Chucky: Season 1 (2021)[]

While shopping at a yard sale one day, Jake comes across a Good Guy doll which he buys from Mrs. Jolly, intending to use its head as part of his sculpture made of doll parts. He takes the doll home, but is interrupted by his dad Lucas before he can cut its head off. Jake is disappointed when his dad tells him he can't go to art camp this year, and that his uncle Logan and his family are coming over for dinner. During the evening, Lucas drinks heavily and becomes enraged over a comment made by Junior over Jake being gay, stating that his son doesn't even know what he is yet. After Logan and his family leave, Jake goes outside to look for his cat. When he goes back inside, he finds Lucas destroying his sculpture with a baseball bat and yells at Jake that he can no longer have dolls before exiting his room. Although he thinks all of his dolls were destroyed, Jake spots the Good Guy doll under his bed which was seemingly missed by Lucas.

The next morning, Jake looks online and learns that vintage Good Guy dolls are worth a lot of money, and in order to protect it from Lucas, opts to take it to school with him. However, this leaves him open to ridicule by his classmate Lexy, who sets up a fake GoFundMe for Jake and sends it via text to their entire Biology class. When the bell rings, Jake gives his teacher Miss Fairchild the doll for safekeeping until he sells him. At lunch, Devon sits down with Jake after noticing he is a fan of his podcast. Devon asks him to come on his podcast, as a guest star to talk about bullying. However, he refuses to be the "poster boy for losers" and angrily leaves.

That night, Jake chats online with a prospective buyer for his doll, and has a short phone call with him. The caller asks if the doll's name is "Chucky", and if anything weird has happened with it recently. Before suddenly hanging up, he asks Jake if he's checked the batteries. In the morning, Jake comes downstairs to find his Good Guy doll had mysteriously returned to his house, and is alarmed to find he has been running without any this entire time. He throws the doll into the garbage can outside. That night, Jake attends the school talent show, and is again singled out by the host Lexy. She attempts to expose his feelings about Devon before being interrupted by a voice from behind, Chucky. Picking up the doll, Jake walks up to the stage and performs a ventriloquist act with Chucky, who reveals that he has Lexy's phone. Chucky begins to read off Lexy's intimate details in a profanity-filled speech, until Jake is eventually led away by the principal, and is promptly suspended as a result of their performance.

Jake returns home, where his father is waiting for him. Lucas becomes furious over his son having no friends and everyone thinking he is weird. He retorts that he is only angry at everyone knowing his son is gay, resulting in Lucas striking him in the face. Holding Jake against the wall, he furiously yells that if he ever says that he is gay again, he will kill him. Taking the Good Guy doll, he sends Jake to his room. He sits on his bed crying, until the lights suddenly begins to flicker repeatedly. Going downstairs to investigate, he is forced to witness Lucas being electrocuted to death. Jake is sent to live his his uncle Logan and aunt Bree. Once they are alone in Jake's new room, Chucky finally reveals himself, remarking that Lucas was an asshole who got what he deserved. After the death of his father, Jake's suspension is halted and he is allowed to go back to school. Oliver approaches him, apologizes for bullying him and invites him to his Halloween party, on the condition he brings Chucky. When Jake and Junior return to the Wheeler house after school, they are shocked to discover the corpse of their maid Annie, seemingly having fallen onto a set of knives in the dishwasher. Later in the evening once the paramedics leave, Jake storms up to his room to demand why Chucky killed Annie. The doll tries to reason he is trying to help him and that some people deserve to die, including Jake's bully, Lexy.


Jake contemplating killing Lexy.

Although initially Jake had no intention of attending Oliver's Halloween party, he is forced to go as Chucky disappeared from his room. He meets up with Devon, and the two of them look for Lexy before getting locked in a closet by Oliver for "seven minutes in Hell". When they are eventually let out, they hear people chanting Lexy's name, and witness her Halloween costume depicting Lucas' death. Jake finally finds Chucky when the party has ended, as the doll is preparing to stab Lexy from behind. He grabs him before he can strike, and quickly leaves back to the Wheeler house. While in their room, Chucky again tries to convince Jake that some people deserve to die, and that the world is kill or be killed. Handing him the knife, Chucky tells him to kill Lexy before she can humiliate him again. Jake makes his first attempt to kill Lexy, by tracking her phone and following through her run in the woods. However, right before he can strike, he realizes he has been following Junior the whole time and aborts the plan. He returns home to the garage, going through the gardening tools for a new weapon. Suddenly, he is interrupted by Lexy, who reluctantly apologizes for her Halloween costume, and after completing her "act of charity", asks him for his Chucky doll. Jake refuses and tells her she can never have him, then quickly goes back into his room to vent his anger by stabbing his Lexy sculpture. Chucky remarks that he can help him fix his "Lexy problem", by giving her what she wants. Jake agrees, and heads over to Lexy's house to give her Chucky.

During the night, Jake wanders over to the cemetery to visit his parents' gravestones. Jake laments that his mother always said things would get better but they never did, and that he doesn't expect his father to forgive him but he's sorry he couldn't be the person he expected him to be. When he hears an ambulance siren going by, he realizes Chucky has stuck again and runs over to the hospital. Although he is relieved Devon is alright, he is confronted by Lexy about Chucky being alive. He explains that he was the one who told Chucky to come after her, and because she did not see him die in the fire, he is most likely still alive and will continue to come after her. While alone, Jake falls asleep in the hallway only to be awaken by Lexy, who realizes she must work with him to find Chucky. They return to the Cross house, and as they walk up the stairs, Lexy asks if things between them really got so bad that he wanted her to die. Jake finally explodes at her, retorting that she is a bad person and he did want to kill her because she deserved it. This causes Lexy to back away and inadvertently fall off the balcony. As Jake holds onto her hand preventing her from falling, a half-burned Chucky finally reveals himself and attempts to convince Jake to let go of Lexy. However, Jake insists that he is not a killer and slowly pulls Lexy up as Chucky tries to stab her from below. Just then, Detective Peyton arrives at the house causing Chucky to hide his knife and go back into "doll mode". As he was asked by Lexy's father to get the doll for Caroline, he takes Chucky with him and orders the kids to get in his police car. Once they arrive back at the hospital, he locks them in the car and leaves with the doll. Eventually Detective Evans lets them out, but stops Jake as she wants to have a private conversation. Once inside a secluded room, she takes out her audio recorder and questions what he knows about Oliver and Lucas' deaths. Before he can say it was Chucky, a code white is alerted over the loudspeakers. They all run to Caroline's room to find Detective Peyton's corpse, and Jake is shocked to see Chucky giving him, Devon and Lexy the middle finger.


Jake and Devon holding hands.

After unsuccessfully trying to locate Chucky in the hospital basement, the trio reconvene at school the next day to try and figure out where the doll might have gone. They also try to decide if they should involve Junior, but Lexy refuses as he wouldn't believe them. When class is over, Jake and Devon meet at a memorial set up for Oliver. Jake tells him how frustrated he is as he believes this is all his fault, and the two boys hold hands as their feelings for each other grow. During the night, Lexy texts Jake and Devon to come over after discovering the disfigured Chucky was thrown into a garbage can outside her house. Acting quickly, they trap the doll in a burlap sack and taser him before stomping him to death. With Chucky defeated they celebrate, and Jake and Devon ride off into the night on their bikes and share their first kiss. In the morning Jake, Devon and Lexy attend the town hall meeting, and see Junior staring at them. They again question if they should tell him what happened, but Lexy continues to insist nobody will believe them. Unexpected to them, during the meeting Principal McVey's head rolls out from backstage, and the curtains open to reveal her corpse. The three then come to the unfortunate realization that Chucky is still alive.

The next day in class, his Biology teacher Miss Fairchild is arrested as the murder suspect. The three decide they must find Chucky and kill him once and for all. Devon comes up with an idea on how to find the doll, by asking the original Chucky survivor Andy Barclay. During their phone call conversation with Andy, he reveals to the boys that they don't have to find the doll; Chucky will find them, or go through their families to get to them. He also mentions it will be at a place they are familiar with, bringing Junior's house to their minds. At night, the three set a trap at Junior's house. Lexy decides to act as bait allowing Jake and Devon to share a moment alone and plan an official date. Suddenly, they hear a crash as Chucky breaks into the house. They come up behind him as he corners Lexy in Jake's room, but he manages to run past them and down the hall. When Detective Evans enters the house, Chucky lunges at her, causing her to fall down the stairs and break her neck, killing her instantly.

At Bree's wake, Jake hugs Devon, offering his condolences and asking what their next step is. Defeated, Devon decides they should stop going after Chucky and just live their lives. Suddenly, Junior rushes over to them, blaming Jake for all of the deaths that have occurred lately. He punches Jake, and tells the three of them to go to hell before walking away. Feeling he has no other options, Jakes decides to pack his things, steal some money from Logan, and run away. While waiting at the bus station, he spots a delivery man carrying a Good Guy doll. He gives him all of his money to get the doll and to learn where it was being delivered: Charles Lee Ray's childhood home. Removing the doll from the box, he takes it back to Lexy's house. The two learn that Devon is at Charles' house, and try to make a plan to help him. However, as they discuss their ideas, the Good Guy doll comes alive and begins advancing on them. Before Chucky can strike, Kyle arrives and shoots Chucky to death.


Jake, Devon and Lexy mourning Junior's death.

Over coffee, she informs them about Chucky's ability to split his soul into multiple vessels. Jake tells her that Devon is being held captive at Charles Lee Ray's childhood home, and needs her help to rescue him. But unknown to them, Kyle had drugged their coffees causing them to lose consciousness. Before they fall asleep, Kyle apologizes and tells them that she needed to do this to keep them safe. They wake up the following morning, and split up when they learn that Charles Lee Ray's home exploded last night, presumably with Devon still inside. Jake heads to the Evans house, and goes to Devon's room to grieve. However, Jake is relieved to find Devon survived and the two share another kiss. They then realize that there is a truck of Good Guy dolls bound for the mayor's benefit, and head to the theatre. They arrive too late, as Chucky already massacred a few movie patrons inside. They find Caroline sitting next to her father's corpse, and Jake has Devon escort her out so he can face Chucky alone. As Chucky slowly walks towards him, he observes that after he kills Jake nobody is going to remember him or anyone who died there tonight, all they will remember is the number of people he killed, and Chucky's name. As Jake tries to run across the aisles, Chucky beats him there and slashes his leg, allowing him to jump on top of Jake. He struggles to fight back against Chucky's strength as he slowly inches the knife closer to his face, but manages to throw the doll off of him. Using his bare hands, Jake crushes Chucky's throat to the point where his eyes pop out of his head, killing him once and for all. With Chucky finally dead, Lexy, Jake and Devon go to the cemetery to pay their respects to Junior. They all share a hug, and decide they can never tell anyone what really happened.

Chucky: Season 2 (2022)[]

After the events of the Hackensack Theatre Massacre, Jake Wheeler has been placed in a foster home with his new foster parents, Pamela and Larry, and his younger foster sibling, Gary. Before they leave for their new home in New Jersey, Jake stops by the Evans household, as Devon found himself foster parents as well. The face the challenging decision to try a long distance relationship, though they plan to visit each other as often as they can. Six months later on Halloween night, Jake is getting ready to go trick-or-treating with Gary, when Devon video calls him. He was supposed to be on the bus to see Devon, but Pam and Larry wouldn't let him go. He then starts getting strange, threatening phone calls and realizes it's from Chucky. When the doorbell rings, he arms himself and orders his Gary away from the door. It turns out to be a false alarm, and he turns back inside. Jake then videocalls Devon, and explains the situation. Devon tells Jake that he had been receiving threatening calls from Chucky as well, and the two ponder how this could have been, since they killed Chucky. Suddenly, Chucky joins the videocall, revealing himself to be at the Cross residence, and he persuades Caroline to let him in. Jake and Devon sound the alarm, calling Lexy and the police respectively, though the former doesn't answer the phone.

The following night, Jake catches a ride back to Hackensack to meet Devon, and the two go to Lexy's house over their suspicions of Caroline's new Wedding Belle doll. They are forced to hide in Lexy's room until the morning, when Michelle has left. When Jake and Devon go downstairs, they are shocked to see Chucky sitting on the couch with Gary. He has built a homemade bomb that he plans to use to kill them all in a kamikaze mission as revenge for foiling his plan months prior. After a struggle, Gary is left with the bomb alone in the kitchen, and Jake is too late to save him. Chucky manages to blow himself and the child up. At a meaning with the District Attorney and Dr. Mixter, it is decided to send the three friends, who were blamed for building a homemade bomb that resulted in Gary's accidental death, to a Catholic reformatory school.

Tumblr 0c7ef228afe484b9f865cecd7bc46c56 ea84daa4 1280

Jake interrogated by Father Bryce.

Once at Incarnate Lord, Jake and Devon are placed as roommates. Jake decides that they should keep their relationship a secret, with his fear of how the Catholics at the school will react. After being led to their room, Jake breaks down over the guilt of Gary's death. Later that day, he, Devon and Lexy realize Chucky has followed them to Incarnate Lord and killed Sister Elizabeth. They decide that they have to stop Chucky once and for all, before he kills again. During study hall, Jake asks to use the bathroom in order to sneak into Father Bryce's office armed with a plastic knife. He is caught by Father Bryce, who asks him to find a bible passage that speaks to him, leaving him locked in his office with Chucky until the study period is over. Jake hits Chucky with the bible and knocks the doll to the ground, allowing him to give Jake the slip by crawling up the chimney. When Father Bryce returns, he questions where the doll went, and gives him an ultimatum to return it in a few days or he will be punished.

During the night, Jake and Devon hear Lexy scream as Chucky is in her room. She uses the codeword, "bathroom", to alert them, and they sneak away into the girl's bathroom. While they search, Chucky tackles Jake to the floor and prepares to stab him in the back, but Devon kicks him into a shower. While Devon pins him to the ground, Jake goes through Chucky's phone. Before Devon can stab Chucky, Jake stops him as he understands this Chucky was not sent to kill them, but is a scout collecting information. The next day, Devon and Jake reveal to Lexy and Nadine that they have Scout Chucky tied and gagged and are prepared to find out all they can from him. After three days they are unsuccessful at getting information, and are running out of time to return him to Father Bryce. They leave to go to class, and Jake is stopped by Sister Catherine, who is concerned that he is feeling guilty over Gary's death. She give him advice, that in order to forgive himself he must forgive those that have sinned against him. He returns to his room, and comes up with a plan to get their information, by reprogramming Chucky. They proceed with the brainwashing, and successfully break Chucky into being docile by the morning. However, they are too successful, as Good Chucky's mind has been completely wiped. Devon reaches his breaking point and leaves, with Jake following quickly behind. They have an argument about killing Chucky, which Jake is against as he believes this Chucky could help them, and he has to forgive Chucky in order to get over his guilt. They share a kiss, unaware that Father Bryce is watching.

Later in the day, Jake is walking to class and spots Devon in the chapel. Devon was punished for Jake's theft and must clean religious artifacts until the doll is returned. He promises Devon that he will fix this, and leaves to go after Father Bryce. He argues about Devon's unfair punishment and pushing off Father Bryce's invitation to come to his office and read scriptures. However, he is not successful as Father Bryce simply walks away, hinting that he is aware of the boys' relationship. Suddenly, Devon is dismissed from his hard labour as Chucky was returned to his office. Jake and Devon return to Lexy's room, only to find Chucky has killed Trevor inside. The two boys are forced to hide with Trevor's corpse in the closet when Sister Ruth comes by for a room inspection. They leave and head back to Father Bryce's office, only to find it locked as Good Chucky fights Buff Chucky inside. Good Chucky manages to crucify the other Chucky on the wall, and lets the boys into the office. Devon continues to insist that there is no "good" Chucky, but Jake does not want to listen and takes Good Chucky back to his room to clean him up. While wiping up Good Chucky's bloody nose, Jake remarks on how Chucky saved them and how he is his hero. Suddenly, Nadine and Lexy come into the room to tell him that Trevor's body has disappeared. They all wait for Devon to return, and explain what has happened. When Good Chucky worries about where Trevor is, Devon snaps at Chucky for killing his mother, Lexy's father and Jake's entire family. This causes Good Chucky to run out of the room, and Jake follows after him. Jake explains to Good Chucky about where he came from, Charles Lee Ray, and how is was an evil man. When Good Chucky worries that he could hurt his friends if there is still evil within him, Jake reassures him that he isn't like that. He comes up with an idea on how to reassure him, and baptizes Good Chucky with Nadine's help. He and Nadine become the godparents to Good Chucky.


Jake holding Good Chucky.

The next day, Devon and Lexy have gone missing, as they went searching for the Chucky known as "The Colonel". As punishment for their disappearance, Father Bryce puts the school on lockdown, forcing the students to stay in their rooms. On the way to his room, Jake spots Dr. Mixter carrying the Colonel, and realizes that she is aware of the living doll. When Devon finally returns to their room, he explains the Colonel situation to Jake, who suggests they gather everyone and have the Colonel come to them so they can get the upper hand. They wait for the night to come, when Nadine and Lexy can sneak over to the boys' room through the window. Nadine arms them with weapons she had stolen, and they prepare as they hear a metal scraping noise coming to the door. It is revealed to be the Colonel, but he collapses and dies as Andy stabbed him in the head with scissors. Andy then appears and tries to kill Good Chucky, but Jake stops him insisting that this Chucky saved their lives. Before Andy can do anything, Dr. Mixter arrives and takes the doll, then locks them inside the room. They eventually break free, with Andy tackling Dr. Mixter causing Good Chucky to run away up the stairs to the tower. Nadine follows him, ending in her being pushed out of the tower window and to her death as Good Chucky turns bad. As the kids come back down the stairs, they are held at gunpoint by Dr. Mixter, who demands Good Chucky back. Just then, Kyle arrives with her own gun, and works out a plan with Dr. Mixter to perform an exorcism on Good Chucky to allow Nica and the Chucky inside her to separate.

While everyone prepares for the exorcism, Good Chucky is bound by rope and sits on a table. Jake attempts to apologize to Devon, but is rebounded as he insists they will talk after this ordeal is finished, because right now they have to try and live through this. In order for the exorcism to work, everyone involved must confess to Father Bryce and do their penance. In the confessional booth, Jake blames himself for everything that has happened, claiming he is as fault for the deaths of his father, Devon's mother, Gary, and Nadine. When Father Bryce tries to comfort him with the explanation that he did not intend to hurt anyone, Jake insists that it does not matter as they would still be alive if it weren't for him. In the evening, the exorcism commences. Everyone restrains Chucky as they chant and Father Bryce throws holy water on him. Eventually Chucky's soul is freed from the doll, at the expense of Father Bryce who is possessed and his body exploded by Chucky, killing them both. They then proceed with the soul transfer, separating the Chucky from Nica's body and allowing him to possess the Good Guy doll. As soon as Chucky is in the doll, Jake grabs him and attempts to drown him in holy water. However, he is stopped by Sister Ruth, who arrives holding Lexy hostage. After Dr. Mixter is allowed to leave the chapel with Chucky, Sister Ruth attempts to kill Lexy by sacrificing her in God's name. Glenda saves her by throwing a Bowie knife into the nun's eye, and Lexy runs into Jake's arms. Andy takes Sister Ruth's gun and runs after Dr. Mixter, shooting Chucky in the jaw causing her to drop him. Andy continues shooting Chucky until he is finally dead.

Nup 199942 00010

Jake hugging Devon.

After Incarnate Lord is shut down, Jake returns home to Hackensack and is forced to do community service. At Christmas time, Lexy invites Jake to stay over at her house, and secretly invites Devon as a surprise Christmas present for Jake. When Devon gives Jake a gift, he runs out of the house as he has nothing to give to Devon. He returns with the gift of a podcasting set, which Devon is not very appreciative of as he hasn't done any podcasting for over a year. At their Christmas Eve dinner, tensions finally give as the two argue over the podcasting gift, with Devon remarking that Jake only bought it to make himself feel better. He also complains that Jake has been distant with him and it's like they aren't even a couple anymore.

At nighttime, Lexy wonders if she, Jake and Devon will end up like Andy and Kyle when they grow up, dedicating their lives to Chucky. Jake doesn't believe they will as they killed Chucky, and they will just have to learn to live with their fears. He also apologizes to Devon for avoiding him as he thought he wasn't good enough for him. The two share a kiss and fall asleep, but wake up after hearing screaming from downstairs. Jake and Devon realize Tiffany is coming for Caroline's Wedding Belle doll. Jake hides under the covers next to the Belle doll as Devon hides in the closet, and they wait for Tiffany to try and take the doll. They both stab her with knives, and corner her down the hall. However, Caroline comes to Tiffany's side and gives her a knife to hold her hostage. Caroline demands Jake and Devon put down their weapons and allow her and Tiffany to leave the house.

In the morning, the police arrive to investigate Michelle's murder by "Jennifer Tilly", as well as Caroline's kidnapping. As neither Jake, Devon nor Lexy have any next of kin, they are put in the care of Miss Fairchild. When the police leave, the three kids reveal the existence of Chucky to their ex-teacher, who in turn discloses that she had suspicions about that doll.

Chucky: Season 3 (2023)[]

Jake, Devon and Lexy are officially made legal wards of Miss Fairchild. When Tiffany is arrested for crimes committed by "Jennifer Tilly", the trio are called in as witnesses for Tiffany kidnapping Caroline. On the stand, Jake details how Tiffany is a monster and makes a remark on her voice. The trio return to the courtroom to hear Tiffany's guilty verdict, giving each other hugs.

Although the trio believed their troubles with Chucky were over, they learn from Tiffany that there is one more Chucky left, and he has Caroline. Jake begins livestreaming and showcasing his art and doll sculptures. He announces to his viewers that although he used to play with dolls as a boy, he has decided to put away "childish things". He is working on one final piece in the doll genre, as an exposé to the darkness behind the innocent facades of mass-marketed children's dolls. However, in order to finish this sculpture and finally move on with his life, he requires a Good Guy doll. He admits that he nor anyone else has been able to find one anywhere for over a year, but he has heard a rumour that there is still one out there. He urges his viewers to get in touch with him if they can find this Good Guy doll.

The following morning, Jake and Devon attempt to get intimate for the first time, but stop when they both receive texts from an unknown number. The text to Jake asks if he is still looking for a Good Guy doll. Lexy bursts into the room as she got a text as well, and the three question if Chucky is back. Suddenly, Jake gets a call from an untraceable number, which turns out to be from Chucky. When Jake demands to know where Chucky is, he taunts that he is more of a "Hide-and-Seek kind of a guy", but gives them a hint that his new place is "pretty strict about visitors".

Later that day, Miss Fairchild has the three of them take an assessment exam to see where they are education-wise, as they had missed quite a bit of schooling. Before they begin the test, Devon questions if they should tell her that Chucky has returned. Jake believes it's too dangerous, as the least they can do is protect her. After they finish the exams, they continue their discussion about Chucky in the living room as Miss Fairchild grades them. Their only clue to Chucky's location is the phone call, which as Devon learned could only be made untraceable by either the CIA or the Pentagon. They then turn their attention to the television, which is airing the news of a Secret Service agent who recently committed suicide. They see a Good Guy doll being carried by the President's son Henry, and come to the conclusion that they must somehow travel to Washington and gain access to the White House, in order to find Caroline and kill Chucky once and for all. Lexy realizes that their in to the White House may be with the President's teenage son Grant, who is active on TikTok. Just then, Miss Fairchild comes back into the living room, having also discovered that Chucky is in the White House. She refuses to let them go after him as it is too dangerous. They explain to her that they feel responsible for allowing Chucky to get away twice, and that they have to stop him from killing more innocent people. Relenting, Miss Fairchild agrees to let them go, but she is coming with them.

The trio decide to connect with Grant through Lexy's TikTok account. After some research, Devon learns that Grant follows a lot of accounts dedicated to conspiracy theories and grief. Jake believes the best way to get Grant's attention is to connect with him over his feelings of losing his brother Joseph, who died the previous winter. As Devon films, Lexy makes her video directly addressing Grant and asks for his help in finding her sister Caroline. The video reaches him, and he begins texting Lexy. When she asks to meet him in person with her friends, he agrees to meet them in a coffee shop the next day.

Miss Fairchild drives Jake, Devon and Lexy to D.C. and to Balzac's Coffee Shop where they are meeting Grant. They engage in small talk over smoothies, and Grant chastises Jake and Devon for not following his TikTok account, making them pull out their phones and follow him immediately. When Jake and Devon excuse themselves to go to the bathroom, Lexy takes this opportunity to flirt with Grant and asks to see him again. He then invites the three of them to the upcoming Halloween Gala at the White House. They make their way back to the hotel they are staying at, but Lexy and Miss Fairchild leave to grab something to eat. Jake and Devon take this moment alone to try and become intimate again, but are interrupted as Lexy and Miss Fairchild return earlier than expected. Miss Fairchild decides to talk to the two boys about practicing safe sex. As Jake and Devon are very uncomfortable discussing this with Miss Fairchild, she instead gives them papers to read over. Before she leaves, she reassures them that they can come to her if they ever have any questions.

Nup 202382 00004

Devon, Jake and Lexy FaceTiming Chucky.

As Grant's mother Charlotte is unsure about inviting the trio, Miss Fairchild drives to the White House to meet with her and insure they will still go to the party. While the three are in the hotel room waiting for her to return, they discuss what their options are to find Chucky and get him to reveal where Caroline is. As they cannot bring knives into the White House, Jake recommends they integrate weapons into their costumes. Devon believes Chucky will be hiding upstairs in the Executive Residence, so they need Grant to invite them up. As long as Lexy keeps Grant distracted, Jake and Devon can go look for Chucky. They continue working on their plans into the evening, but Jake is concerned as Miss Fairchild still has not come back. Just then, Jake gets a FaceTime call from Miss Fairchild's phone, but is shocked as Chucky is the one making the call. He taunts them over killing their legal guardian, and remarks that he is waiting for the three of them at what promises to be their bloodiest Halloween yet.


Jake, Devon and Lexy arriving at the Halloween Gala.

The night of the Halloween Gala, the trio arrive dressed in Good Guy costumes, with Jake as a cowboy Good Guy. However, the weapons they tried to integrate into their costumes are confiscated at the front gate, immediately ruining their Chucky hunting plans. They decide to work with whatever makeshift weapons they can find inside the White House to subdue him, and use Devon's phone to capture video evidence of the doll being alive. Once inside the ballroom they meet with Grant, and Lexy is able to convince him to take them upstairs to the Executive Residence by asking to see his bedroom. Devon and Jake are left alone in the Residence while Lexy and Grant go back to his bedroom. Jake grabs a corkscrew to use as a weapon, while Devon brings up the White House blueprint on his phone. They head straight for Henry's bedroom, but find no trace of Chucky inside.

They grab Lexy, and the three run back downstairs to look in the ballroom. They luckily are approached by Henry, who has Chucky in his arms. Pulling out his phone, Devon begins filming as Jake tries to provoke Chucky into revealing himself. However, the power abruptly goes out in the White House. When Henry cries out that his doll is gone, the trio run into the ballroom to track down Chucky. The power comes back on just as they find Grant's father James holding Chucky, but they are unable to do anything as the Secret Service escorts him out of the ballroom, taking the doll with him. Although Devon is standing directly underneath it, Jake is able to shove him out of the way just in time. Ten other people are crushed underneath it.

Back in their hotel, the trio try to find a way to get back into the White House. While Lexy tries to regain Grant's trust, Jake and Devon brainstorm other ways to get to Chucky. Devon realizes that they cannot kill Chucky normally, but they may be able to take him out for good by using his voodoo magic against him. Searching on the dark web leads them to Dr. Rosen's website, a metaphysical practitioner who specializes in Damballa. Although neither of them have driver's licenses, they take Miss Fairchild's car to Georgia to speak with this doctor. Dr. Rosen discloses that Chucky's soul is tainted with Christian magic from a botched exorcism, meaning he will die in his current vessel. However, his soul will continue to exist, crossing over to the spirit realm which they cannot enter unless they die themselves.

Nup 203891 00751

Jake and Devon talking about their futures.

On the drive back, Jake and Devon decide to stop at a motel for the night and have sex for the first time. Afterwards, Devon shares that he feels closer to him and that nothing can come between them now, and Jake feels the same. The next day while packing up, Jake suggests they go on a cross-country trip once Chucky is defeated, but Devon is reluctant to go back to the White House. He wants to go on this trip now, as he's afraid of losing his boyfriend. However, Jake convinces Devon that they are heroes and they have a job to finish.

When they return back to Washington the following morning, Jake and Devon fill Lexy in on what they learned from Dr. Rosen. In turn, she tells them that Grant invited them to the White House for dinner and a movie. Although Jake has a bad feeling about tonight, Devon reassures him and they share a kiss before going into the White House. Once inside, Lexy distracts Grant so Jake and Devon can scope out the Executive Residence. However, they don't get much time to look as Charlotte walks in, and proceeds to order them dinner from the kitchen. During dinner, Charlotte suddenly gets up and leaves the teenagers alone. Jake steals the pizza cutter off the table, slipping it into his pocket. Lexy decides to use this opportunity to explain to him about Chucky, apologizing for using him and asking for his help to find the doll before he kills again. He agrees to help, and takes them on the elevator down to the Situation Room. They are let inside by Henry, and Jake manages to knock Chucky down allowing Randall to take his gun. While Jake argues with Lexy about killing the doll before she can learn about Caroline's location, Coop arrives and shoots Chucky himself.

Under Pryce's orders, Jake is locked inside Grant's room along with Lexy and Devon. They are left alone when Grant is taken to his mother's room, until he returns with Hicks to break them out. However, they are immediately caught by Pryce, who asks for their help. The five of them are escorted to the Oval Office, where they are introduced to Dr. Carol Lindstrom and her associate Timmy. She explains to them that the White House is haunted by the ghosts of those who died in the building, including that of Charles Lee Ray. And in order to persuade Charles' ghost to move on and find peace, Carol announces that they must have a séance. Devon doesn't think this will work as Chucky has no "better nature" to appeal to, but Jake is confident that they can appeal to Good Chucky.

During the evening, they go forward with the séance. Using Jake's strong connection to Good Chucky and Timmy as a conduit, they successfully make contact with Charles. He tells them that he remains because he has unfinished business, that being Jake, Devon and Lexy. He then causes blood to rain down from the fire sprinklers, and lifts the EVP speaker into the air, throwing it down to the bloody ground and electrocuting Carol, Spence, and Melanie to death. Once the chaos is over, Jake sees Charles' ghost giving him the middle finger. Afterwards, they discuss their next options to go after Chucky. Timmy explains that their only option left is to take him by surprise in the Spirit Realm, but they can only do this by dying. Jake, taking inspiration from the film Flatliners, volunteers to be put under temporary cardiac arrest which will allow him to cross over to the other side. Devon and Lexy are both against Jake being the one to die but Timmy discloses that it must be the person with the strongest connection, which Jake had with Good Chucky. He believes he will be able to get Good Chucky to tell him Caroline's location, and then convince him to sacrifice himself in the Spirit Realm, which would cause all of Chucky's other splintered soul fragments to die as well. Using a drug provided by Pryce, Jake is temporarily put under cardiac arrest, but he only has five minutes before they must revive him.

Crossing over to the Spirit Realm, Jake is confronted by the ghost of his father Lucas, who is destroying his doll sculpture with a bat. Lucas berates him for wanting him dead, to which Jake retorts he only felt that way after his father started hitting him. He claims he did it to correct his behavior, which Jake snaps back that the only thing he did wrong was be gay. Taking a swing at Jake with his bat, Lucas tells him that he was ashamed of him. Jake explains that his father's actions made him ashamed of himself, but this all stopped when he met his boyfriend Devon. Angered, Lucas begins chasing after him with his bat, wishing to give his son a "punishment". Running away, Jake ends up in the ballroom where the Halloween Gala was held, surrounded by multiple ghosts dancing. Lucas catches up to him quickly, chastising him for thinking he can beat Chucky and that he is going to fail. When Jake says that his father never believed in him, Lucas tells him that he used to be proud of him, thinking he could have been the president one day. Jake responds that this was until his mother died and he began drinking. Right as he starts to take a swing at his son, Jake shouts that he forgives him and hugs his father. Returning Jake's embrace, he warns his son that he will fail as Chucky is much more dangerous in the Spirit Realm.

He leaves the ballroom and makes his way to the Executive Residence, where he finds Charles Lee Ray using magic to rebuild his doll sculpture. He commends Jake for going against the world's judgements and always trying to be himself, just like he did. When Jake stabs Charles in the stomach with a pocketknife he learns that he cannot kill him as a ghost, as he continues to press Jake on which side he wants to be on. He then takes Jake to the White House's movie theatre, where all of his different soul fragments are inside watching different scenes of Chucky's life. Showing off footage of Lucas' death, Charles explains that Jake has been scared his whole life, of Lucas, losing Devon, and of Chucky, yet he's currently facing his fears. But he warns him that whatever he's planning to do in the Spirit Realm is pointless. While Charles argues with his younger self, Jake notices Good Chucky running out of the movie theatre. He follows after him to the president's bedroom, where Good Chucky is lying in the bed. He tells Jake that Caroline is safe with a man named Wendell Wilkins, and that he still feels guilty for murdering Nadine. Taking a knife out from under the blankets, Jake explains that in order to forgive what he's done, Good Chucky must sacrifice himself. Although Jake believes he's gotten through to the doll as he points the knife to his throat, he soon realizes he was only stalling. Good Chucky finally shows his true nature, explaining that they were just distracting him so Chucky Prime could possess Jake's body.

Nup 204301 00011

Jake, Devon and Lexy trapped in marionette dolls.

With the five minutes up, Devon brings Jake back from the Spirit Realm, unaware that he is possessed by Chucky Prime. He lies, telling them all that he killed Chucky and that he knows where Caroline is being held. Leading them to the estate of Wendell Wilkins, the three of them are let inside allowing Chucky Prime to reveal himself to Devon and Lexy. Caroline finally makes her appearance, holding the Voodoo For Dummies book, and transfers Chucky's soul back from Jake's body to the Good Guy doll. Holding them at gunpoint, Wendell and Caroline then explain that while they were originally going to kill Jake, Devon and Lexy, they now have a better idea to help keep Wendell company. The trio have their souls transferred into miniature marionette dolls dressed in Good Guy outfits.

Murders Committed by Jake[]

Chucky (2021)
  1. Chucky: Choked him to the point that his eyes popped out of their sockets.
Chucky (2023)
  1. Timmy Nash: Beaten to death. (Possessed by Chucky)


  • In an interview with Them, Don Mancini revealed the character of Jake is based on himself as a teenager, including his own experiences of his father not accepting his sexuality and having to deal with being gay while raised Catholic.
  • He is the sixth LGBT character in the Child's Play series, after Tiffany, David, Barb, Jill, and Carlos. However, Jake is the first LGBT protagonist in the Child’s Play series, with Tiffany being an antagonist and the others being side characters.
  • Like Nica Pierce, his whole family was killed by Chucky.
  • In Just Let Go, he is shown to take Effexor for his depression and anxiety.
  • Jake is the fourth character to be successfully possessed by Chucky, and the second character to be freed from his possession, right after Nica Pierce.


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