Jake Wheeler

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Jake Wheeler is a lonely and troubled teenager trying to find his place in the world after his mother's death.

Chucky (2021)

Jake is a fourteen-year-old artist living with his alcoholic father in Hackensack, New Jersey. While shopping at a garage sale one day, Jake comes across a Good Guy doll which he buys from Mrs. Jolly, intending to use it in his sculpture made of doll parts.

Murders Committed by Jake

Chucky (2021)
  1. Chucky: Squeezed/choked him, causing his eyes to pop out of their sockets.


  • He is the fifth LGBT character in the Child's Play series, after David, Barb, Jill, and Carlos. However, Jake is the first LGBT protagonist in the Child Play series, with the others being side characters.
  • Like Nica Pierce, his whole family was killed by Chucky.
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