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―Joan's last words.

Joan is the film agent of Jennifer Tilly. She caters to Jennifer's every need, and even has the second key to her home.

Seed of Chucky (2004)

She tries to act as a moral compass to Jennifer, and shows faith in her client. While she knows Jennifer desperately wants to receive fan mail again, Joan has been secretly hiding them from her and writing back to the fans in her name.

She introduced Jennifer to a new film directed by Redman, and got her to audition. However, even though Jennifer didn't get the part, she planned to sexually win the role. Joan detested against Jennifer's intentions, which gets her fired.


The morning after Jennifer's night with Redman, Joan gets a call from Jennifer about her pregnancy. Joan overheard Jennifer's capture during the phone call and visited the home that night, only to discover Redman's corpse, and Jennifer and Stan roped and gagged to the bed upstairs.

Chucky crept up behind Joan holding a knife. Jennifer was able to break free of her gag and tried to warn Joan of Chucky's presence. Before Joan could get away, Glenda, using a night candle and hairspray, set her on fire. This sent her burning body flying from the staircase to the ground below, extinguishing upon impact.


  • Joan is the only confirmed victim of Glenda, as it is unknown to whether or not Glenda killed the detective at the end of Bride of Chucky.