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Joanne Simpson is a foster mother, whose foster family background made her an embodiment of the stereotypical ideal model family.

Child's Play 2 (1990)

Joanne instantly felt compassion for Andy Barclay, unlike her husband Phil, who is wary of his distant and strange behavior. Regardless of Phil's worries, they decide to take him in. As Andy gets settled in, he sees a Good Guy doll named Tommy, which had been previously owned by another foster child.

When Andy reacts with momentary horror, Phil wonders what is going on, but Joanne has some understanding of Andy's past fears and offers to get rid of the toy so as not to cause trouble. At one point, she discovers that her family's priceless ornament, passed down for generations, had been broken by Chucky, who used it to destroy Tommy so he could assume the identity to remain in the Simpson residence and close to Andy.

Joanne fights with Phil's constantly about Andy's past, and alleged criminal insanity. However, when Phil is murdered, it leaves her grief-stricken and disillusioned about Andy. She angrily holds him accountable, and instead of having him charged with murder, she packs his things and sends him back to the orphanage. Kyle, knowing that Andy likely did not kill Phil, tries to reason with her, but Joanne vindictively ignores her.


Joanne's death.

Joanne heads upstairs to her bedroom. The paramedics just left the premises with Phil's body, and Kyle, having been spurned by her earlier, went outside to smoke on the swing set. Having been left behind, Chucky follows her upstairs, gags her and slits her throat (off-camera). Her corpse is later found by Kyle.


  • Joanne is Chucky's 9th victim since Child's Play. She is also the first of Chucky's victims to be killed off-screen.
  • She and Phil made the decision to spend their days as foster parents after the harrowing truth that Joanne is unable to give birth.
  • Originally, Joanne's name was Mildred.
  • Jenny Agutter regretted having done Child's Play 2, as Joanne Simpson was demoted to a supporting character in the theatrical cut, saying "It was much less than the script I read”. The deleted scenes from the film were later re-cut for the TV version, giving her more screen time.
  • Actress Veronica Cartwright was also considered to play Joanne Simpson.