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Joanne Mildred Simpson was a well supplying, caring, but internally insecure and uptight foster mother for all the male and female children she kept in contemporary fostercare. 


Like her husband and the entire Simpson family, her external foster family background made her an embodiment of a stereotypical ideal model family (including her being a mother and housewife who cooks and clean, having an office-worker for a husband as well as having huge house fit for a general family (which consists of two-stories and a basement) and a family station wagon).

Joanne lived on Prescott Lane with her husband Phil, where they spent the remainder of their days supplying for the brief foster children they helmed after the harrowing truth that Joanne cannot give birth to any biological children. Though she and her husband tried for many years to adopt, the agencies always turned the couple down,despite how she had a good record with being a foster parent.

Child's Play 2 (1990)

Joanne instantly felt compassion for Andy unlike Phil who was wary of his distant and strange behaviour and questions Andy's sanity (and presumably worries that Andy could have committed the murders himself in the past, but was never proven).

Joanne, at one point, discovered her that her family's priceless family China ornament, passed down for generations, had been broken by Chucky, who used it to destroy Tommy which Chucky, looking identical, assumed the identity of to remain in the Simpson residence and close to Andy.

Joanne fought with Phil's recommendations and arguments for Andy about his alleged criminal insanity and being the secret murderer for Chucky's body count up until his tragic death which grief-stricken disillusioned her about her beliefs about Andy and she angrily held him accountable for and instead of having him charged with murder to the police (as there was no visible evidence of Andy for being her husband's killer and Andy was still under aged at that time to be arrested), she emotionally packed his things and sent him back to the orphanage. Kyle, knowing that Andy likely did not kill Phil and that it was not intentional if he did, tried to reason with her, but Joanne vindictively ignored and rebuffed her.

The last person to see Joanne alive before heading upstairs to her demise was Kyle.


The recently widowed Joanne was killed by Chucky inside her and Phil's bedroom moments after the authorities and paramedics left the premises and Kyle, having been spurned by her earlier, went outside to smoke and swing from the outside swing.

Her throat was slit by the Good Guy play knife with its durable sharp edge and gagged while her sewing machine was left rapidly pumping away mimicking the horror of an evil horrifying murder.

After she was caught by Chucky, Joanne might've realized that Andy was telling the truth about Chucky and regretted sending him back to the orphanage.


  • Before Jenny Agutter was cast, Veronica Cartwright of Alien was considered to play Joanne Simpson.
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