"You have to transfer your soul out of the doll, into the first human being you revealed your true self to."
--John to Chucky.

John Aelsop Bishop, also known as Dr. Death, is a voodoo instructor. He takes on Charles as a student but realizes that he only did so to find a way to cheat death.

Child's Play (1988)Edit

Charles did not believe in everything that John taught him until the night he was shot by detective Norris. He uses the spell on transferring souls and vowing that he would come back to kill Norris. Chucky would find that John's spell did work, but when he tries to kill Norris, he is shot. Much to his shock, the wound hurts him, and it even bleeds.

Needing answers, Chucky goes out in search of John, who is very surprised to see Charles as a doll. Demanding answers about his wound, John tells him that he is turning human. He explains that the more time he spends in that body, the more human he becomes and that if it stays in the body too long, he'll be stuck in it permanently. Chucky becomes angry, and orders that John help him. However, John refuses because he knew that Charles is a horrible person, who "perverted" everything John taught him, used it for evil, and must be stopped.



John's death.

Before he is able to call the police, Chucky pulls out a voodoo doll. He begins torturing him by breaking his leg. When John refuses to help again, he breaks his arm, then threatens to stab the doll. Unable to bear any more pain, John tells him that he must transfer his soul into the first person he revealed his true self to. Realizing it is Andy, Chucky laughs in disbelief.

Chucky leaves, but not before stabbing the doll and leaving John to die. Not long after he left, Karen and Norris arrive. With the last of his strength, he tells Karen that Chucky has gone after Andy to transfer his soul. He explains that his heart is almost human, and if they kill him through the heart, Chucky will be stopped.

Trivia Edit

  • John is Chucky's 3rd victim in Child's Play. Given his ethic behavior, its very clear that Chucky played Mr. Nice Guy as his student, never give him a reason to distrust him. However the police has photos of him, implying he was arrested in the past.
  • Chucky refers to John's Voodoo doll as "Your own personal mojo." implying that before Chucky used it against him, he himself used that doll as a means of empowerment. It's possible for healing.
  • It's not clear if Chucky had always planned to kill John later, or only to do it because he tried to stop him.
  • It's possible that John gave Chucky the medallion, the Heart of Damballa.
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