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"I used to be so afraid. Afraid to compete, afraid of my dad... I was even afraid of you. But Chucky changed everything."
―Junior to Lexy.

Junior Wheeler is the cousin of Jake, and is the complete opposite of him, being an overachieving jock. He is a popular student at Perry Middle School and is dating Lexy Cross.

Chucky (2021)

One night, Junior and his parents visit his uncle Lucas' house for dinner. After an awkward discussion about Lucas' money troubles, Bree changes the subject to Junior making regionals for cross-country running. Junior mentions he is painting city hall with the Eagle Scouts, causing Logan to remark that he needs to get another extra-curricular activity because Harvard requires three. Junior uses this subject matter to make a snide remark about Jake's sexuality, telling him the Scouts accept gay people now.

The next day at school, Junior and his girlfriend Lexy see Jake carrying his Good Guy doll through the halls. While walking to class, Junior tells Lexy that she should give his cousin a break, but Lexy replies that he shouldn't go soft on her. That evening, Lexy hosts the school talent show where Junior is watching in the audience. Jake goes on stage doing a ventriloquist act with Chucky, who reveals he stole Lexy's phone. He mentions there are a lot of pictures of Oliver on her phone, which causes Junior to become suspicious.

While driving to school, Logan badgers Junior about bumping his protein intake so he doesn't injure himself a week before the biggest race of his life. Junior sighs to himself, but agrees to eat more protein to keep his dad happy. After being dropped off, he goes and speaks with Lexy, who is upset about what Jake said about her. Junior tries to reason with her that Lucas' death was a terrible accident and Jake also said creepy things about his mother Bree too. He walks to class with her, where they discuss going to Oliver's Halloween party. Junior asks what Lexy is dressing up as, but she simply says it's a surprise. After school, Junior and Jake return home. Jake notices Junior's frustration with him, and they argue about Jake making himself too comfortable in Junior's home. However, this conversation is interrupted when they find Annie dead in the kitchen.

During the evening, Junior steps out from having a shower to overhear his parents discussing their unsureness of their ability to parent Jake. He sneaks into Jake's room and goes onto his PC, to find him having searched through Lexy's social media. Jake re-enters his room in time to see Junior, where he warns his cousin to stay away from her. Junior then gets dressed in his Halloween costume and takes an Uber to Oliver's party. He finds Lexy alone in one of the bedrooms upstairs. He tells her to be careful around Jake, and that whatever happens, he'll protect her. The two start making out on the bed. Lexy tries to have sex with Junior, but becomes frustrated as he has no idea what he is doing and the two go downstairs. Lexy puts on her costume, of Jake's father being electrocuted to death, which horrifies not only Jake but Junior as well.

Junior talking with Lexy.

The next day, he goes for a run then he visits Lexy and reprimands her for going too far with Jake. He tells her she crossed a line and needs to apologize, because he fears what Jake might do. He leaves her house, and returns later that night to attend a party Lexy is having. Junior watches jealously as Lexy flirts with Oliver throughout the evening, as they dance and take selfies together while he drinks alone on the stairs. When Lexy's favourite song comes on, she drags Junior to the living room and they finally share a dance together. She leaves Junior to dance with the others as she goes upstairs and smoke some pot, unaware Chucky is following her. The two engage in a fight that results in the house bursting into flames, and Junior is hospitalized for smoke inhalation. He is forced to undergo a bronchoscopy to make sure his lungs aren't damaged, because Logan is worried about his running career.

After he recovers from his procedure, he returns to school. Unlike Jake, Devon and Lexy, he is unaware of Chucky's existence and his friends refuse to get him involved. That night over dinner, Logan surprises Junior with the news that he pulled some strings to get his son to complete in the nationals next month, even though he didn't compete in regionals. This conversation is interrupted when Jake gets multiple texts from Lexy, which causes Junior to be suspicious as she hadn't returned his texts all day. The next day, Junior and his parents attend a town meeting. He confronts Jake, Devon and Lexy about what's been going on, and Lexy tries to explain to him that Chucky is real. But he simply does not believe her, and tells Lexy to grow up before returning to his parents.

When he comes home one day, he finds Bree and Logan in tears. Sitting her son down, Bree finally tells him about her terminal cancer diagnosis, which she had been keeping a secret from her family. After a sad embrace with Bree, Junior leaves with Jake to meet Devon and Lexy at her house. With Jake and Devon in another room, Lexy sits with Junior on the staircase as he tells her his mother's diagnosis and how he feels like his whole world is falling apart. He tells her that he feels like he doesn't exist to her anymore, but she tries to tell him that she just wants to protect him. This isn't enough of an answer for him, and he breaks up with her before leaving the house. Later that day, Bree drives to her therapist's office and leaves Junior in the car while she has her session. As Junior listens to his music, he takes his earbuds out when he notices people looking up. Suddenly, he is left horrified and screams when his mother's body suddenly lands on the car with her face smashed through the windshield, killing her instantly. Junior begins spiralling inward and warns Jake to stay away from him as his family was fine before he came along.

Junior watching Tiffany kiss Logan.

At Bree's funeral, Junior blames Jake for all of the deaths that have occured lately. He punches Jake, and tells him, Devon and Lexy to go to hell before walking away. Suddenly, Tiffany arrives and approaches Logan. She kisses him, much to the surprise of Junior, and leaves without a word. After the funeral, Junior goes into his room to find Chucky waiting for him. He talks with the boy about Logan, about how he is an asshole and how he kissed another woman at Bree's wake. Acting shocked, Chucky promises Junior he'll be there for him. He is able to convince Junior to kill Logan, but he is unsure if he can do it. However, the doll reasons that Jake was also unsure, but Junior is better than is cousin and demands he prove it.

Later in the evening, Junior hears a car horn honking outside his house and finds Tiffany waiting for him. He questions what she was doing with Logan at the funeral. She acts surprised that Logan never told him about them, and tells him not to tell anyone that she was there, before quickly leaving in her car. Going back inside, he waits in his room with Chucky for his father Logan to come back from a night of drinking. Holding Chucky up to Logan's face, he lets the doll grill his father about cheating on Bree with Tiffany and causing her suicide, which only angers Junior further. He hits Logan over the head with Chucky, knocking him to the ground, and then proceeds to bludgeon him to death with the doll. With Logan dead, he sits down on the ground and begins singing with Chucky.

Junior killing Logan.

Junior hides his father's corpse in the closet just as Andy Barclay drives up to the Wheeler house. Cleaning the blood off, he answers the door for Andy and lets him inside to speak with Logan. He leads Andy upstairs with the hopes of Chucky killing him, but the doll is surprisingly nowhere to be seen. Once Andy leaves emptyhanded, Chucky climbs out of the toilet and explains to Junior that he has bigger plans for his longtime nemesis. The two leave the house and head for Charles Lee Ray's childhood home, where they are greeted by Tiffany and an army of 72 possessed Good Guy dolls. Chucky reveals that the spell that allowed them all to come alive was achieved by getting a child to kill for him, Junior. He also mentions that he plans for Junior to kill his friend Devon, who is being held captive. Once the dolls are packed up into a truck to be brought to the theatre tomorrow, Tiffany and the Chucky possessing Nica get into an arguement. Chucky is slapped so forcefully that Nica regains control of her body. In order to test Tiffany's loyalty, the Chucky doll demands that she kill Nica. When she hesitates, he tells Junior to kill her instead. However, before he can act, Tiffany decapitates the doll with her nail file. He attempts to aid Chucky, but Tiffany stops him when he is reminded that he is going to need her help to get out of Hackensack once the police find Logan's corpse.

Now in charge, Tiffany has Junior tie Nica's arms while she plants a bomb to kill Andy. Placing Nica in the backseat of her car, Tiffany goes into her front seat to find Junior holding another Chucky doll on his lap. She allows him to keep the doll, which he takes with him to the theatre.


At the movie screening, Junior uses Chucky to lure Lexy through the theatre, as he pretends to be held at knifepoint by the doll on his back. She finally catches up to him backstage, where he explains how afraid he used to be, but Chucky changed everything, and taught him how to be a man. Brandishing their knives, Junior tries to convince her to get back together with him and Chucky tries to convince her to join them and become a killer. Refusing, Lexy attempts to remind Junior that she fell in love with him because he was a kind and compassionate person. This causes Junior's loyalites to falter as Chucky commands him to kill her. He defies the doll's influence, running past Lexy to stab Chucky in the chest, telling him "she's not like us". However, Chucky manages to fatally stab Junior in the chest as well, causing him to collapse. With his final breath, he asks Lexy to tell the others he's sorry before dying in her arms.

Murders Committed by Junior

Chucky (2021)
  1. Logan Wheeler: Bludgeoned to death with Chucky's doll body.
  2. Chucky: Stabbed in the chest to protect Lexy.


  • Junior is Chucky's 64th victim since Child's Play.
  • His nickname is "Jun-Jun".
  • Despite being childhood best friends with Devon, they barely interact with each other during the series.
  • In Give Me Something Good To Eat, he wears Logan's medals as part of his athlete Halloween costume.
  • In the Syfy cast talk about Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss, Don Mancini reveals that Junior's secret dream was to be a singer.