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Just Let Go is the fourth episode in the first season of Chucky.


Jake’s bond with Devon intensifies as he teams up with an unlikely ally to outwit Chucky.


As a result of the fire, Junior, Devon, and Caroline are hospitalized, with Caroline in the ICU. Lexy and Jake begrudgingly team up to investigate Lexy's destroyed house for Chucky. Meanwhile, Junior sees Chucky while getting a medical procedure done, and Devon's research reveals the true history of Chucky, or Charles Lee Ray. At the Cross house, Jake and Lexy's fighting results in Lexy falling from the railing and Jake holding on to her. Despite Chucky appearing and attempting to convince Jake to let go, Jake tells Chucky he's not like him and saves Lexy's life.

However, Detective Peyton appears after this and takes Chucky to take to the hospital. When the two kids get there, Jake is stopped by Detecitve Evans, who strongly believes he's behind the murders. At the hospital, Chucky murders the Peyton by stabbing him with used syringes. Devon finds Lexy and tells her the truth about Chucky. As Jake is being interrogated, Caroline's life support is unplugged, causing chaos in her hospital room. Detective Peyton's body is found, and Jake, Lexy and Devon watch as Chucky flips them off from a distance.


  • Janitor - Throat slit and hand cut off by a young Charles Lee Ray. (Flashback)
  • Detective Peyton - Stabbed in the spine with a scalpel, then stabbed repeatedly with used syringes by Chucky.


Official Soundtrack

  1. The Go-Go's - We Got the Beat
  2. Pretty Lungs - Control
  3. Jim Vining - I Need Song
  4. Matthew John Moore - Bring A Smile
  5. RL Grime - Pressure


  • Title Card: The Chucky logo is comprised of scalpels and syringes.