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"Don't fuck with my son!"
―Karen after killing Chucky.

Karen Barclay is a single mother to her son, Andy. She works at the customer service department at Zed-Mart.

Child's Play (2019)

While working her shift at Zed-Mart, an angry customer confronts Karen about his recent purchase with a Buddi doll, explaining that his son wanted “the blonde one”. Karen tells him that he actually purchased the first edition of the Buddi doll, and that the one his son wants is in fact a Buddi 2, which will not be released for another couple of weeks.

Karen returns home to her son, Andy, where they argue about him not unpacking the boxes in their apartment and feeding their cat Rooney. When she remarks that he never gets off his phone, he tries to sway the conversation to getting a new phone for his birthday. However, she tells him that she is already working double shifts to pay for a new hearing aid. Karen reminds him that this move is supposed to be a new start, and asks him to go out and try to make new friends.

Karen giving Chucky to Andy.

The next day at Zed-Mart, Karen is once again confronted by a customer, who is returning another Buddi doll. Karen is told that the dolls was “not working”, and that its eyes were “glowing red”. In an attempt to cheer Andy up, Karen blackmails her boss Wes in order to procure the returned Buddi doll and gives it to Andy as an early birthday gift. Later that afternoon when Andy comes home from school, he leaves the apartment when he sees Karen is with her boyfriend Shane. She goes out and finds him in the hallway, talking to their neighbour's son Mike. Bringing him back, she tells him that she knows the move has been tough on him, and that she has a surprise: a Buddi doll. Once Andy activates the doll, she notices that it is malfunctioning heavily and offers to take it back to Zed-Mart. But Andy refuses, telling her that he likes the doll, now named Chucky, and takes it back to his room.

A couple days later, Karen has her boyfriend Shane over at her apartment. While getting a beer from the fridge, Shane encounters Chucky, who keeps repeating "Shane's such an asshole" on his speakers. Karen finds it funny, but Shane is angered by it. She confronts Andy about the doll, and he insists that he didn't make Chucky say anything. But she retorts that he only spend one hour a day with the doll, and that it will be put into the living room cabinet for the rest of the time. The next day, Karen's manager calls and asks her to work the night shift for the Buddi 2 launch, but she refuses as it is Andy's birthday. She notices that their cat Rooney is missing, and Andy blames it on Shane to cover up that Chucky killed the cat. After getting home from school, Karen asks Andy if he wants any pizza as she and Shane are ordering some. Taking one look at Shane, Andy leaves the apartment with the excuse of going to his friend's place. Some time later that night, Shane is again scared by Chucky, who is still repeating "Shane's such an asshole". He confronts Andy and leaves him in tears before storming out of the apartment. Karen runs after him down the hall, telling him that if he has a problem with Andy, she should be the one to talk to the boy as Shane is not his dad. Regardless, Shane continues walking out, leaving Karen to go back to her apartment alone.

The next morning, Andy wakes up to find Chucky has skinned Shane's face and stapled it onto a watermelon. Along with his friends Falyn and Pugg, Andy tries to cover up the watermelon with the wrapping paper Karen used to wrap Chucky in. As they make their way to the garbage chute to dispose of the evidence, Karen spots them and asks what they are doing. Andy quickly lies that he is giving a gift to Doreen, their neighbour, for helping him with his homework. Karen offers to deliver it with him, and to Andy’s surprise, he and his mother deliver the present to Doreen. Later that night, Mike and his partner Willis come to Karen's apartment to deliver the news of Shane's death. They also reveal the truth about Shane's affair, which greatly upsets her. Once Andy walks into the room, Willis takes Karen into another room to ask her more questions in private.

While Karen is working a shift at Zed-Mart, Andy and his friends enter the store to browse through the new Kaslan products. Once Andy is alone, his friend Omar's Buddi reveals itself to be Chucky, whom he believed to be dismantled. He attempts to destroy the doll, causing him and Omar to get into a fight. He attempts to get everyone to believe him about Chucky, but none of his friends are on his side and leave him. Before heading back home with Karen, Andy discovers that Omar left his phone behind and uses it to see what Chucky is doing. He sees Chucky following Doreen, and tries to warn his mother that the doll might have done something to her. However, she is not convinced as she thinks Chucky is just a toy; she also believes something is wrong with her son, as she found the cat's collar and thinks he killed the cat. After she learns that Andy stole Omar's phone, she snaps that he is coming to work with her during her night shift, which coincidentally is the launch of the Buddi 2 dolls. She leaves to return Omar's phone, and walks back into the apartment just in time to see Andy smashing their television with a bat.

Karen captured by Chucky.

Andy's friends discover the truth about Chucky, and rush to the Zed-Mart to rescue him. The four kids run to find Karen, but are halted when Mike handcuffs Andy under that suspicion that he killed Shane. Karen tries to stop Mike from taking Andy away, but they all freeze when Chucky takes control of the store and begins massacring everyone inside. Andy and his friends manage to reach the exit, only for Andy to be forced to return when Chucky reveals that he is holding Karen hostage in the warehouse section of the Zed-Mart. Making his way through the store, Andy finds his mother tied up and gagged. He does not notice the doll sneaking up on him, allowing Chucky to knock him unconscious. When he wakes up, Chucky activates a forklift that has a rope tied to one of its forks, with the other end tied around Karen's neck to hang her. Andy struggles to free his mother as he grabs onto the rope that Karen is hanging from while being attacked by Chucky. Using Chucky's knife, he cuts Karen down, overpowers Chucky and finally defeats the him with help from Mike shooting him and Karen ripping off his head. Karen is last seen being tended to by paramedics, along with Mike by her side.


  • She became pregnant with Andy when she was 16 years old.