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Kimberly "Kim" Evans is a character from Chucky. She's a detective of the Chicago Police Department, and partner to Sean Peyton. She's also the mother of Devon.

Chucky (2021)

Kim Evans was present during the talent show at Perry Middle School, watching Devon's performance on the piano. Lexy Cross, who was hosting the show, illuminated her in the audience and asked her about what she thought on her son's performance. She was sitting besides Jake Wheeler, which Lexy also illuminated and asked what he thought about Devon. She would later appear in the Wheeler's residence interrogating Jake about his father's death.

Her investigation would make her suspect Jake's involvement, especially after the housekeeper of Logan and Bree, Annie, died in a mysterious accident.

Mayor Cross and Detective Evans held a town meeting for new rules including a curfew for the whole town, but when Principal McVey misses her cue to get on stage, Principal McVey’s head comes rolling out. Chucky, who is still alive and has transferred his soul into Tommy, pulls the curtains which reveals her headless body.

When class is in session Detective Evans walks into Miss Fairchild’s 8th Grade biology class and arrests her. She is charged with the deaths of principal McVey and Oliver.

She needs to go, so she checks on her son Devon and he asks her how she knew that she was really in love, and she told him that when she met his father she had butterflies, and explains it to him. Once she’s finished she says “Is that how you feel about Jake?” And he responds with yes, she says that maybe they could have a movie night with Jake once all of this was over and she heads out, but before she does, she tells him that the curfew is still in place and makes him promise he won’t leave the house.


Devon finding his mother dead.

When she calls Devon's phone, he’s at Jake's house with Lexy and Jake setting up a trap for Chucky. Devon gets this call while talking to Jake, so he does not pick up. Chucky shows up but can't find him. That is later when Jake gets stabbed in the leg by Chucky, they walk out of his room to find Detective Evans wandering the house, looking for Devon. Kim is then attacked from behind by Chucky, who busts out from a vent. She tries to fend him off but loses her balance and ends up falling down the stairs, landing hard and breaking her neck in the fall.