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"You heard of those dolls that pee? This one bleeds."
―Kyle to a police officer.

Kyle is Andy's 17-year-old foster sister when he stays with the Simpson family.


She grew up in an orphanage; her father left before she was born, and her mother put her up for adoption when she was three. She claims that it was easier to forget who her mother was. Throughout her life Kyle has lived with dozens of foster families, staying with them for only about a month until she is sent back.

Child's Play 2 (1990)

When Andy is checking out his new home, he comes across Kyle's bedroom. She is smoking a cigarette and listening to music when Joanne walks in, telling her to put it out. Joanne remarks that Kyle's luggage should be put away, as it still has not been unpacked after three weeks, and also asks that Kyle have dinner with the family instead of going to work. However, Kyle tells her that she needs the money, because she will be on her own next year.

In the morning, one of Joanne's antiques is found broken, and neither her nor Andy admit to doing it. Phil sends them off to do the laundry, and tells her that she is grounded and cannot go out on a date that night. Not interested in Phil's rules, she sneaks out to see her boyfriend. When she returns home by going in through Andy's bedroom window, she finds him tied to the bed with a doll next to him. Not knowing that the doll is in fact alive, she unties him, but when Joanne and Phil come in, it appears that she is in the process of tying him up. Phil thinks she's pulling a sick joke on Andy, and from Andy's protests about the doll, throws it into the basement.

Chucky subduing Kyle.

The next evening, Phil is murdered in the basement, and Andy is sent back to the orphanage. Kyle, after unsuccessfully attempting to reason with Joanne, throws the doll in the garbage and goes outside on the swingset for a smoke. While swinging, she feels something under the dirt and digs it up. She uncovers a damaged Good Guy doll, Tommy. This was the doll that Andy had upon entering the Simpson's home. Shocked, she goes into the garbage can and opens the lid, but finding nothing. Now knowing that Chucky is alive, she rushes to Joanne's bedroom to try to warn her of the danger. Instead, she finds Joanne's bloody corpse tied to a chair. Kyle is then assaulted by Chucky, who subdues her and forces her to drive him to the orphanage.

Final fight against Chucky.

At the orphanage, Chucky manages to sneak out with Andy. Kyle chases after them and finds them at the Play Pals factory. She is able to subdue Chucky, grab Andy and run. After a grueling game of cat-and-mouse, Andy and Kyle force an airtube into Chucky's mouth, causing him to blow up and explode. The two then leave the factory, making their way for "home", despite not knowing where "home" was.

Cult of Chucky (2017)

Kyle and Andy continue to keep in contact with each other, as he has several photographs of her in his home. Before Andy leaves to go after Nica, he sends Kyle to his cabin. She is instantly recognized by the Chucky head as she enters Andy's cabin, and then proceeds to continue torturing the head.

Chucky (2021)

Kyle and Andy killing Chucky.

After disposing of the Chucky head, Kyle drives to Rhode Island and breaks Andy out of the Harrogate mental institution. The two then begin driving across the country to track down the Chucky dolls that escaped from the facility before him. In South Carolina, she and Andy have tracked down a Chucky doll, the one with the melted fingers. Bringing their guns, they enter a nearby home pretending to be members of the U.S. Census. While Kyle politely conducts the survey and makes small talk with the family, Andy begins asking if they've had any recent property damage or injuries. She looks over at him sternly and tries to move forward with the census, until Andy finally questions if they have any new dolls. Kyle attempts to reason that they do this to get children interested in the census, so the family's child Becky complies and brings over some of her dolls. When Kyle asks if that is all of them, Becky suddenly remembers she forgot one and runs back to grab her Good Guy doll "Charlie". As Becky hugs the doll, Chucky reveals himself and prepares to stab her. Andy quickly pulls out his gun and shoots Chucky in the head, causing Becky to drop him to the ground. The doll is then shot repeatedly in the chest by Andy and Kyle until he finally dies. With their job finished, the two exit the house and drive away.

While driving at night, he and Kyle discuss the family they just saved, and her concern that they may tell someone what happened. She also worries about Becky, about how she will be traumatized, but Andy reassures her that the two of them also went through a lot as kids and turned out okay. To change the subject, Kyle asks him why he was keeping the Chucky head alive locked in his safe for four years, as this is not rational behaviour. He explains that he kept the head to get information, and was able to discover that Chucky broke his soul into pieces to transfer them into multiple vessels. They know there is one doll left, but the last piece of his soul is in a human, Nica.

In Virginia, Andy gets a phone call from a boy named Jake Wheeler, whom he contacted a month before about the Chucky doll he was selling. Jake and his friends are trying to stop Chucky, and ask how they can find him. Andy replies that Chucky will find them and if he can't he will get to them by killing their family, which causes Kyle to mention that Chucky killed their foster parents. Before hanging up, Andy has Jake text him his location so they can begin the drive to Hackensack.

After driving for six hours, Kyle and Andy stop at a gas station. While he refills the gas, she goes into the store and buys a pack of cigarettes and black leather gloves for the both of them. As Kyle puts on her gloves, Andy gets into the car, locks her door and drives away, leaving her at the gas station so he can face Chucky alone. However, Kyle somehow makes her way to Hackensack and to the Cross residence. She manages to stop Chucky from attacking Jake and Lexy by shooting him directly in the face, and then finishes him off by shooting him in the chest. Over coffee, she informs them about Chucky's ability to split his soul into multiple vessels and that he needs to use an identical vessel, that being a Good Guy doll. She also claims that if Chucky can corrupt even one innocent child and get them to kill, he can create an entire army. Jake tells her that Devon is being held captive at Charles Lee Ray's childhood home, and needs her help to rescue him. But unknown to him and Lexy, Kyle had drugged their coffees causing them to lose conciousness. Before they fall asleep, Kyle apologizes and tells them that she needed to do this to keep them safe.

Kyle arrives at Charles' house and calls out for Andy. She hears the voice of a child inside yelling for help and opens the front door, unaware that it was boobytrapped. The house is destroyed in a fiery explosion, with Kyle presumed to be dead. However, the next day her black glove is seen on a tree as she watches over Jake, Devon and Lexy while they visit the graveyard.

Murders Committed by Kyle

Child's Play 2 (1990)
  1. Chucky: Exploded after an airtube is forced into his mouth.
Cult of Chucky (2017)
  1. Chucky (Head): Death mentioned. Off-screen.
Chucky (2021)
  1. Chucky (Melted Fingers): Shot to death. (With Andy)
  2. Chucky: Face shot off, then shot to death.


  • Kyle wears her old hat from Child's Play 2 in her appearance in Cult of Chucky.
  • In the Chucky TV series, it is shown that Kyle was able to overcome what happened to her as a teenager, and is happily married.