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"I'm not afraid of Jake. His creepy doll just... creeps me the fuck out."
―Lexy to Junior.

Alexandra Cross, also known as Lexy, is Jake Wheeler's frenemy and a popular girl at Perry Middle School dating Junior while also bullying his cousin Jake.

Chucky (2021)

One day at school, Lexy and Junior see Jake carrying a Good Guy doll. She takes a photo, then asks Jake what he plans to do with the doll. When Jake tells them he is planning on selling it, Lexy says that she didn't realize his money situation had gotten so bad that he needed to sell his things. The conversation quickly ends after the bell rings, and they leave to go to class.

While in Science class, all of the students are sent a text message for a fake GoFundMe Lexy set up for Jake, causing them to laugh at him. The bell rings and the students disperse, but Lexy is stopped by Miss Fairchild who asks her to take the page down. She also writes Lexy a slip for detention, but she simply remarks that what she is doing is admirable, and if she is penalized in any way her parents will sue the school. Miss Fairchild exits the room to get the principal, and while waiting Lexy uses her iPhone to fix her lipstick. She becomes startled after hearing Chucky laugh and seeing him standing at the doorway, dropping her phone under Miss Fairchild's desk. Before anything happens, Miss Fairchild and the principal re-enter the classroom. Still shaken, Lexy tells them that she will take the page down and leaves in a hurry.

That night, Lexy is hosting the school's talent show. She greets the audience and her family, as well as Devon and his mother. She then asks Jake what he thought of Devon's performance, trying to expose his feelings before being interrupted by Chucky. Taking the doll to the stage for an impromptu performance, Jake pretends to do a ventriloquism act as Chucky reads off messages from Lexy's phone. Chucky notes that Lexy has plenty of pictures of Oliver on her phone, and reads off her search history, including such things as her being "botox curious" and being into "Pokémon porn". Furious, Lexy grabs her phone back from Chucky and storms off the stage.

Lexy's costume of Lucas' death/Lexy as Lucas.

The next day, Lexy is still angry over Jake's performance and is upset that they didn't suspend him. She walks to class with Junior, where they discuss going to Oliver's Halloween party. Junior asks what Lexy is dressing up as, but she simply says it's a surprise. Later at night, her parents gush over Caroline's drawing of Chucky which irritates her. She states that her parents have no idea of what is going on with her, and that Jake is bullying her. She goes to leave for Oliver's party, but is stopped by Michelle who tells her she has to take Caroline trick-or-treating. Instead, she takes her little sister to the party and lets her stay downstairs while she goes upstairs to smoke weed. Junior finds her alone in one of the bedrooms, and the two start making out on the bed. Lexy tries to have sex with Junior, but becomes frustrated as he has no idea what he is doing and the two go downstairs. Finally, Lexy puts on her costume, which is of Jake's father Lucas while she acts out him being electrocuted to death. Everyone at the party surrounds her and cheers her on, as Jake can do nothing but watch in anger.