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Little Little Lies is the fifth episode in the first season of Chucky.


Jake and Devon progress their relationship; enemies and allies from Chucky's past show up.


In a flashback, a young adult Charles Lee Ray is seen at a nightclub where he meets a woman named Delilah, and flirts with her. He takes both Delilah and a red-headed woman to Hotel Hackensack, where the two women put on a show until Charles kills Delilah much to the joy of both him and the other woman, who is revealed to be a young Tiffany.

In present time, when the Cross family returns home, Nathan gives Caroline a new Good Guy doll named Tommy, in replacement for the burnt Chucky doll. Jake, along with Devon and Lexy ambush the burnt Chucky in a trash can and kick him to his apparent death. Believing Chucky is dead, they move on with their lives, and Jake and Devon have their first kiss.

Meanwhile at Hotel Hackensack, Tiffany and a possessed Nica Pierce have kidnapped two male victims. One is already dead, and the other is being held hostage. The two get into an arguement that leads to Nica temporarily regaining control of her body. She attempts to free the surviving victim until she returns under Chucky's spell and slashes his neck. Bree talks to her therapist about her stage 4 cancer diagnosis and promises to come clean to her family. Mayor Cross and Detective Evans hold a town meeting at the school showing remorse for events transpired including announcing new city rules. However, the principal misses her cue to appear onstage, and her severed head rolls onto the stage. Chucky is revealed to be alive, having transferred his soul into the Tommy doll.



Official Soundtrack

  1. Francis X And The Bushmen - Mirror Church
  2. Lauv - Modern Loneliness
  3. The Fadd - You Satisfy Me
  4. Modern Art - Hello / Goodbye
  5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll


  • Title Card: The Chucky logo is comprised of human and cartoon hearts.