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Logan Wheeler is the wealthy twin brother of Lucas. He is married to Bree and they have a son, Junior.

Chucky (2021)

During dinner at his brother Lucas' house, Lucas discusses his money troubles with his brother but refuses to get help from him. To change the subject, Logan boasts about Junior's accomplishments on the track team and mentions that he needs to get another extra-curricular activity because Harvard requires three.

After Lucas's death, he consoles Jake and reassures him that it was an accident. He takes his nephew home to live with his family. The next day while driving Jake and Junior to school, Logan remarks that his son needs to increase his protein intake so he doesn't get injured a week before his upcoming competition.

On Halloween, the Wheeler's housekeeper Annie is found dead, from falling onto a rack of knives in the dishwasher. Detective Peyton plants the idea that someone might have pushed Annie into the knives, and Detective Evans questions if Jake had any problems with her as this is the second "freak accident" he's been involved with. This leads Logan and Bree to discuss their ability to look after someone like Jake, with her being unsure if they are qualified to handle Jake's issues. She tells him how they have no idea what's going on with their nephew, but Logan tries to reassure her that they don't know what Junior is thinking either. This causes Bree to remark how Junior is only thinking of pleasing his father, and that Logan pushes him too hard.

A few days later, he and Bree attend a meeting at school about Jake's bullying with the principal and Lexy's parents. They are horrified when they watch a video of the Halloween party where Lexy dressed as Lucas and acted out his death. After the meeting, Logan and Bree are called to a fire in the Cross' house, where Junior was at Lexy's party. At the hospital, Logan becomes angered over the damage to Junior's lungs as the doctors recommend he not run for a month. He hits a coffee machine for not dispensing his drink as Bree tries to talk about something spurred on by Oliver's death. However, they are interrupted by Nathan and Michelle's arrival. The four end up getting into an arguement after Logan accuses the Crosses of parenting Lexy poorly, resulting in them returning the bad parenting accusations of Logan putting too much pressure on Junior. Logan punches Nathan in the face before the fight is split up by Detective Evans. After calming down, Logan and Bree enter Junior's hospital room where he is preparing to undergo a bronchoscopy to make sure his lungs aren't damaged, because Logan is worried about his running career. Before the operation begins, Logan forces Junior to tell him that he is doing cross-country because he loves it, and not because his father wants him to.

When Junior comes home, the family talks over dinner about Logan pulling some strings to get Junior back into competitions. Jake repeatedly gets texts from Lexy, and Bree asks him to give his phone to her when he does not put it away. Jake and Junior fight over the phone causing Logan to forcefully end their exchange, resulting in both boys leaving the dinner table. With the two of them alone, Bree confides to Logan that everything in their lives is falling to pieces that his behaviour isn't helpful.

The next day, Bree finally reveals to Logan about her terminal cancer diagnosis. They decide to tell Junior, but he can't bring himself to and leaves the room in tears.


After Bree's supposed suicide, Logan takes it very hard and begins drinking to numb his feelings. At Bree's wake, Tiffany arrives and approaches Logan. She kisses him, much to the surprise of Junior, and leaves without a word. That night he leaves the house for a night of drinking, and returns stumbling around the hallway. He hears voices coming from Junior's room, and opens the door to find his son sitting on his bed with Chucky. The doll begins taunting Logan about his drinking problem, which angers Logan and he attempts to wrestle Chucky from Junior's hands. However, he is startled as Chucky comes to life and begins grilling him about cheating on Bree with Tiffany and causing her suicide. He again tries to take the doll from Junior, but misses and hits the wall, falling to the ground. Getting up, Logan remarks how Bree would have been ashamed at Junior, and that Bree killed herself because she was a quitter, just like Junior. As Logan walks down the hall, Junior hits him over the head with Chucky, knocking him to the ground. He then proceeds to bludgeon his father to death with the doll.


  • Logan is Chucky's 62nd victim since Child's Play.
  • He was a medal-winning athlete when he was a teenager, just like his son Junior.
  • His death is similar to Fulvia's death in Seed of Chucky.