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Lieutenant Preston is a Lakeport private investigator, looking into Jesse and Jade as suspects of murder. 

Bride of Chucky (1998)

Lt. Preston arrived at the Forest Creek Cemetery to arrest Jesse and Jade, but is disturbed to find out that the real murderer is actually Chucky. He contacts the police, telling them that Jesse and Jade are innocent of the murders and sends the couple on their way, clearing them both.

Lt. Preston's Ultimate Fate

He was possibly killed by both Chucky and Tiffany's child, Glen/Glenda, but his fate remains unknown or at least badly wounded, since Psychs never stated seeing a dead body or murder sites however even if he died, he wouldn't be the only one to be seen dead as the gravedigger was in the same exact area.


  • In the Devil's Due comic series, Preston survived the attack by Glen/Glenda, and is retiring from the police force. He and his wife are murdered by Chucky as part of his plan to kill those who stopped him in Bride of Chucky.