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Lucas Wheeler is the widowed alcoholic father of Jake, and works at an auto repair shop.

Chucky (2021)

He comes home from work to see Jake working on his sculpture, and remarks that he should spend less time on his art as it is not a viable career. Before leaving his son's room, he mentions that his brother Logan and his family are coming over for dinner that night, which neither are excited for.

During dinner, he discusses his money troubles with his brother but refuses to get help from him. To change the subject, Bree talks about the successes of her son Junior, to which he makes a sly comment about Jake's sexuality. This conversation angers Lucas, who smashes his drink glass on the ground. He tells them that Jake is 13 and doesn't know what he is yet, even though his son is 14.

After Logan and his family leave, Jake goes outside to look for his cat. When he goes back inside, he finds Lucas destroying his sculpture with a baseball bat, and can do nothing but watch helplessly. Dropping the bat, he yells at his son that he can no longer have dolls before exiting his room.


One night, Lucas receives a phone call from Jake's teacher that his son had been suspended because of his performance during the talent show. He becomes angry over him no longer having any friends and everyone thinking he is weird. Jake snaps back that he is only mad at everyone knowing his son is gay, which results in Lucas punching him in the face. Holding Jake against the wall, he furiously retorts that if he ever says that he is gay again, he will kill him. Taking the Good Guy doll from Jake's hands, Lucas sends his son to his room.

He returns to the couch to discover that his nearly full whiskey bottle is suddenly empty. Just then the power goes out, and he goes down into the basement to check the fuse box. He flips the switches until the power comes back on, and sees Chucky standing in front of him. He vomits the whiskey he had drank earlier at Lucas’ bare feet, which touches an exposed electric cable and electrocutes him to death.