Major Ellis
CHP3Mayor Ellis



Portrayed By:

Matthew Walker

First Appearance:

Child's Play 3

Major Ellis is Shelton's assistant at the Kent Military school. He appears to be good friends with Shelton.

Child's Play 3 (1991)Edit

During a military exercise, Chucky replaces the paint ball ammunition with live rounds, so that when the two teams of students meet, they actually begin fatally shooting each other by accident. Shelton is killed with one of the rifles, unknowingly a real bullet.

Ellis angrily blames Andy for being a sick, murderous prankster who caused his companion's death. Ellis attacks Andy, with his new girlfriend Kristen telling him Andy is innocent and trying to separate them.

When Whitehurst sacrifices himself to save everyone else, including him from a grenade, which was set by Chucky. Realizing Andy isn't to blame, Ellis lets him go, and orders Rawlings (who accidentally shot his superior Shelton with a live round) to get Clark on the radio, and get a medic up to where they are.

Following the death of his superior Shelton, it is unknown if he took over as lieutenant colonel, however.