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Malcolm is a patient at the Harrogate mental facility, and is called Multiple Malcolm by the other patients. He suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and has two notable identities: Michael Phelps and Mark Zuckerberg.

Cult of Chucky (2017)

He sits in the common area reading a book when a new patient, Nica, enters. Introducing himself as "Michael", the two strike up a conversation where he learns of Nica's prior detainment. The two trade a piece of gum for a cigarette, then share a brief sexual encounter in the hallway. Later that day, they see each other again at a group therapy session led by Dr. Foley. During the session they discuss Nica's past where Malcolm sticks up for Nica, believing her story of Chucky killing her family. Dr. Foley, wishing to explore Chucky with the group, decides to bring out a Good Guy doll. Malcolm jumps up from his seat, visibly startled by the doll.

During lunch, Nica sits with Madeleine and Malcolm, who reintroduces himself as "Mark", claiming to have heard a lot about her from Michael. He claims that Michael is in the pool training for Tokyo 2020, but not to tell anyone. When Nica tells him that Michael Phelps is retired, Malcolm becomes aware of what happened and becomes embarrassed. He remarks that he hates when that happens, especially around pretty girls which are one of his triggers.

The next day, Angela is found dead. During their group therapy session, Claire blames Nica for her friend's death. However, Malcolm retorts with the theory of Occam's razor, where the simplest explanation is usually the right one, and insists that Chucky did it. Just then as Madeleine enters the room her the first Good Guy doll, Nica realizes that the woman who gave her the second Good Guy doll is Tiffany Valentine, Chucky's girlfriend. She becomes convinced that one of the dolls is alive, and asks Dr. Foley to prove it's not alive by burning one of the doll's hands. Nica then states that he might have switched places with the doll Madeleine holds, but she gets defensive and leaves. After the room is empty, Nica and Malcolm decide to steal Madeleine's doll and dispose of it, believing it to be Chucky. However, before they reach Madeleine she leaves the building to go for a walk outside, with Nurse Ashley stopping the two from following her. Although Malcolm's outdoor privileges were suspended after he hacked into Dr. Foley's computer, Nica convinces him to sneak outside while she distracts the nurse. As Nica watches from the window, Malcolm approaches Madeleine, who is standing by the open grave dug for Angela. She throws her Good Guy doll into the grave, and pushes Malcolm in while he looks down into the hole. After a few minutes, Malcolm emerges from the grave with the doll and evilly smirks at Nica before being taken back inside by the nurses.

Later as the group is waiting for Dr. Foley to begin their therapy session, Malcolm wonders aloud if the doctor was the latest person to turn up dead. He also insists that his new name is "Charles", and tells Nica that he thinks they've met before. That night, Madeleine is found dead. As her corpse is removed from her room, Malcolm laughs as Ashley quits her job, claiming it's too much for her to handle. Dr. Foley tells him to go back to bed, and Malcolm leaves the hallway, following shortly after Ashley.


Malcolm's death.

He comes across Nica (possessed by Chucky), and shows her the dead body of Nurse Ashley, claiming he killed her and "gave that bitch what she deserved". Nica retorts that he didn't, and that he isn't "Charles". Losing himself, Malcolm begins to look around and asks her who he is now. After calling him a sick poser, she reveals that Chucky has possessed her body and the real Nica is "taking a nap". Falling to his knees, he breaks down and admits that he takes on so many split personalities as an attempt to become someone who mattered. Just as Malcolm yells that he can still hear Chucky's voice inside his head, he is killed as Madeleine's Chucky power-drills through the back of his head and through his right eye.


  • Malcolm is Chucky's 53rd victim since Child's Play.
  • Adam Hurtig also played a minor role in Curse of Chucky as Stanton, the police officer who arrested Nica.
  • As "Charles", he claims that no one calls him "Chucky", unlike the real Charles Lee Ray, who actually prefers to being called "Chucky".
  • Malcolm did not know who Charles Lee Ray was until Nica revealed Chucky's affiliation to Tiffany.