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Mike Norris is a detective of the Chicago Police Department and partner to Willis.

Child's Play (2019)

As Mike is taking groceries back to his mother Doreen's apartment, he sees Andy sitting on the floor. He introduces himself to the boy, remarking that his mother forces him to come for dinner every week and Andy is welcome to join them anytime. He attempts to crack a joke when Andy's mom Karen walks over, and then goes back to Doreen's apartment.

Later as Mike is walking to his mother's apartment, he sees Shane and Karen arguing in the hallway. The next morning he and his partner WIllis arrive at the scene of Shane's murder. She notes that his wife claims he came to the house straight after work, but when Mike opens Shane's wallet, he recognizes him as Karen's boyfriend from the night before.

That night, Mike and Willis go to Karen's apartment to break the news about Shane's death and affair. After everyone is finished, Andy knocks on Doreen's door to take up Mike's offer of having dinner with them. When Doreen leaves to put away the dishes, Mike notices the wrapped present on the mantle. She brings it to the table and explains that Andy made it for her and they are going to open it together on his birthday. With the two of them alone, Mike tries to open up to Andy, telling him that he needs to be careful about who he hangs out with in this neighbourhood, and not to believe everything people tell him about Mike. Once Mike leaves to the kitchen to put away the dishes, Andy snatches the wrapped present and leaves their apartment.

The next day, Mike is called to the scene of Gabe's murder. That night, Doreen is leaving for Bingo much to Mike's dismay. He tells her he does not want her going outside alone and to wait for him to get off work to drive her, but she brushes him off by remarking that she can take care of herself. Later in the evening, Mike is called to another murder scene. However, he is greatly upset to find the victim is his mother Doreen. Back at the police station, Willis approaches him with the information that they found Shane's skinned face in the dumpster outside of his apartment building. Showing him photos of the face wrapped like a present, Mike remembers Andy gave Doreen that exact present and believes he is involved with his Shane and Doreen's murders.

At the midnight release of the Buddi 2 dolls at Zed-Mart, Mike rushes to the store where Andy is trying to convince Karen that they have to leave. He apprehends Andy and handcuffs him, and begins leading him away just as Wes takes off his oversized Buddi head to reveal he had been stabbed in the neck. Cuffing Andy onto a shopping cart, Mike runs to Wes' side and tells him to keep pressure on the wound. Suddenly the lights go out as Chucky takes over all the electronics in the store, and flies a drone straight towards Mike. Karen pushes him out of the way just as Wes stands up behind him, causing the drone to strike and kill him. Panic erupts as people begin running towards the exits. A drone flies directly towards Pugg, but at the last second Mike shoves him away. The drone slashes his chest a few times before Mike smashes it on the floor, and he then orders Pugg to run just as he collapses.

Andy and his friends manage to reach the exit, only for Andy to be lured back in when Chucky reveals that he is holding Karen hostage. In their final confrontation, Chucky lunges at Andy only to be shot by Mike, allowing Karen to rip the doll's head off. With Chucky defeated, they leave the Zed-Mart and have the paramedics treat Mike and Karen's wounds.