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"You've been very naughty, Miss Kettlewell."
―Chucky to Miss Kettlewell.

Elizabeth Kettlewell is a first grade school teacher, who takes Andy Barclay into her class.

Child's Play 2 (1990)

On the first day going to a new school, Chucky follows Andy by hiding under the bus. At recess, he sneaks into the classroom and finds Andy's test paper on the teacher's desk, and writes obscenities on it.

During class, while Miss Kettlewell was reading a story about Pinocchio to the class, it becomes disrupted by a bully teasing Andy. Not knowing it was him, she thinks Andy is the source, and scolds him for it. With class dismissed, Miss Kettlewell uncovers Andy's paper, and forces him to stay after school for detention. She locks him inside the classroom while she leaves to phone his foster parents, Phil and Joanne Simpson about it. She throws Chucky into the closet, whom she finds in the classroom cupboard. Andy tries to call for help to anybody on the other side of the locked door, but to no avail. Chucky begins shouting from the closet for Andy to let him out, but Andy instead escapes by opening the window and running home for survival.


Ms. Kettlewell's death.

When Kettlewell returns and finds Andy gone, then hears a sound coming from the closet, and assumes that Andy is hiding from her. She opens the door and searches the closet. As she places a kickball on the closet shelf, Chucky stabs her in the chest with an air pump. Her keys fall out of her pocket and Chucky pushes down on the pump handle, sending her flying into the desks which causes her clogs to fall off as well.

Chucky emerges from the closet, with a yardstick in hand, and begins to advance toward Kettlewell. Already bloody from the pump injury and being told that she's been very naughty, Kettlewell can only scream in terror as Chucky beats her to death with the yardstick as the camera pans out. Her body is later discovered by the authorities.


  • Miss Kettlewell is Chucky's 7th victim since Child's Play.
  • Beth Grant was initially hesitant to accept the role of Miss Kettlewell. Although Grant liked the script, she was intimidated about doing a horror film. She called her friend, actress Dinah Manoff, asking for advice. Manoff replied, "Well, if you see Child's Play, you'll find that I'm in it" (Manoff had portrayed Maggie Peterson in the first movie). Grant took her attitude as a good omen, and signed on.
  • Her death was mentioned in Cult of Chucky by the leader Chucky, when he uses her death as an example of how much he enjoys the look in his victims when they realize a doll is about to kill them.
  • Miss Kettlewell's first name was originally unknown, but was revealed to be Elizabeth in the "Chucky" TV series.