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Nathan Cross is the father to Lexy and Caroline Cross and the husband to Michelle Cross.

Chucky (2021)

Nathan is present with his wife and daughters at the school talent show and sees Jake Wheeler perform with Chucky. He later appears getting ready for a Halloween party with Michelle and compliments Caroline on her drawing of Chucky before telling Lexy to take her sister trick-or-treating.

Nathan attends a meeting at the school with Michelle and the Wheeler's to discuss Lexy's bullying of Jake and go to the hospital when they learn a fire has broken out at their house. They stay by Caroline's bedside as she was injured in the fire and scold Lexy because they believe she was responsible for the house catching fire. They are shocked when Detective Peyton's body is found by Caroline's bed.

When the family returns to their burned out home Nathan gives Caroline a new Good Guy doll named Tommy. He throws out the burned Chucky doll when it appears in their house and gets into an argument with Michelle about her focus on being Mayor instead of a mother. He attends the town meeting and leaves with Caroline when Principal McVey's decapitated body appears on stage.

Nathan offers his condolences to Logan Wheeler at his wife Bree's wake and is disappointed when Michelle leaves early to attend a meeting.


Despite not initially appearing at the screening of Frankenstein he arrives to support his wife. When she goes to get popcorn he takes her seat. He is then stabbed through the bottom of the chair by Chucky and killed.