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Nica Pierce is a paraplegic woman, who became this way as a result of Charles Lee Ray stabbing her mother's stomach while she was pregnant.

Curse of Chucky(2013)

Nica lives with her mother in a secluded house. A strange package containing a Good Guy doll arrives at their door, which they are confused by and promptly throw it in the trash. However, that night Nica is awakened by her mother screaming and discovers her corpse on the floor, seemingly having fallen off the balcony to her death.

Nica is visited by her sister Barb, her husband Ian, their daughter Alice, babysitter Jill, and Father Frank. She gives the Good Guy doll to Alice, not thinking anything of it, but with a strange feeling coming about her house that night, she grows more suspicious of the doll. She phones the post office and discovers that the package came from an evidence depository. She looks up all the information about the doll, and unravels the history of Andy Barclay and Chucky. Scared as the power goes out, Nica shouts for Barb who appears on the second floor landing holding the doll, the two begin to argue because Barb thinks Nica has prior knowledge of the nanny cam she had just learned of. Nica demands Barb put the doll down, but she refuses and dismisses her sister as Nica calls her to come back. Shortly after however, with noises coming from upstairs, Nica climbs up to the attic staircase, only to have Barb and her recently removed eyeball, courtesy of Chucky, roll down to her.

Chucky reveals himself, proclaiming that Nica is next. Frantic, she scrambles to a closet to get a spare wheelchair, and wheels herself to Ian’s room. She wakes up Ian and told him that Chucky is alive and that he has to help find Alice. He takes Nica down to the garage for her safety, and returns to the inner part of the house in search of Alice. Chucky sneaks into the garage then the car, and begins to rev the engine in an attempt to kill Nica. Thinking fast, Nica grabs a hatchet and smashes the car window, then tries to grab the keys and turn the car off, but the noise makes Ian return, and seeing Nica with the hatchet, combined with the poisonous gas in the air, he accuses her of murdering Barb and Jill. She pleads to him that she didn't, and the stress of the situation causes her to faint.

When she wakes, she has been taped to her chair by Ian, who sees her as a murderer. He intends to prove her guilt with the use of the camera he attached onto Chucky. However, when he turns it on, he sees the live feed of Chucky charging the wheelchair into him. While Ian is on the ground, Chucky grabs the hatchet and chopped his lower jaw off. He sets his sight onto Nica afterwards, who has wriggled out of her restraints. He axes Nica in the knee, but she feels nothing and manages to remove it from her leg. Using the blunt side of the axe, she knocks his head clean off. With a sigh of relief, Nica tries to tie up the wound to stop the blood. However, as a doll, Chucky simply reattaches his head, and then proceeds to push Nica off the balcony to the floor below.

Chucky slowly walks down the stairs to her, explaining his disillusioned history with her mother, Nica catches her breath and begins to taunt him and uses her therapy skills on Chucky. Just then the power comes back on, allowing her to get to her lift. But the power goes off again, and Nica must keep the door shut as Chucky slashes at her fingers with his knife. With a quick move Nica takes the knife from the doll, and as Chucky runs for her, a struggle ensues until Nica ultimately stabs Chucky in the back. After she thinks she killed Chucky, Nica hears a knock on her door from a police officer. She screams for help, and the officer breaks through the door, only to find the dead bodies and Nica holding the knife. She is arrested for murder, but once again she blames the doll and is declared to be mentally unstable and is sent to a mental asylum.

Cult of Chucky (2017)

Nica is condemned to a maximum-security institution called Lochmoor for four years, under the watch of Dr. Foley. She had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and was made to believe that she committed the murders of her family and that Chucky was just a manifestation of her psychosis. Although she still sees herself as a monster for making her niece an orphan, Foley insists that she has made tremendous progress in accepting the hard truths about herself. She is then transferred to a medium-security institution, Harrogate, in order to give her more freedom.

After arriving at Harrogate, she quickly befriends fellow patient, Malcolm, with whom she has a brief sexual encounter. She is then included in a group therapy session led by Dr. Foley. Everyone except Malcolm believes Nica was the one who killed her family. Nica explains to the group that she killed her family because she was jealous of her older sister Barb and too possessive of her niece, Alice. Dr. Foley then includes a Good Guy doll into the session as a therapeutic tool, which Madeleine, a member of the group keeps after believing the doll to be her "baby". During lunch, she is visited by Alice's guardian, Tiffany, who informs her Alice is dead and left behind for her a Good Guy doll, which she used in therapy. Nica is devastated by the news and gives the doll to Dr. Foley. That night, she attempts suicide by slitting her wrists with a spoke from her wheelchair. The next morning however, Nica wakes to find her wounds stitched up and a message saying "NOT SO FAST" written in a pool of her own blood.

It is discovered that morning that fellow patient Angela was killed overnight in an apparent suicide. The therapy group is shaken by the death, and during the conversation Nica learns the surname of Alice's guardian was Valentine. Shocked, she realizes that Tiffany is Charles Lee Ray's girlfriend, and now knows that Chucky is in fact real and alive. She is convinced that the Good Guy doll is possessed by Chucky, so to put the issue to rest Dr. Foley holds a lighter over the doll's hand, melting the plastic until the fingers are disfigured. Nica suggests that Chucky switched places with Madeleine's doll and wants to melt its hand, which upsets Madeleine and she leaves the room. After the room is empty, Nica and Malcolm decide to steal Madeleine's doll and dispose of it, believing it to be Chucky. However, before they reach Madeleine she leaves the building to go for a walk outside, with Nurse Ashley stopping the two from following her. Nica distracts Ashley and Malcolm sneaks outside. allowing Nica to watch from the window and sees Madeleine standing in front of an open grave. She sees Chucky give her the finger as Madeleine throws the doll into into the grave, and then pushes Malcolm into the grave. When Malcolm emerges from the grave with the doll, he evilly smirks at Nica.

When Claire's corpse is found by Nica, she and Dr. Foley have a private therapy session together. She explains to him that Chucky is behind the murders, and that both Good Guy dolls in the asylum are alive somehow. He is unnerved by Nica's "regression" about her belief in Chucky, so he decides to help her accept the truth through the use of hypnosis. While she is hypnotized, Foley proceeds to kiss her, but before he can continue Chucky knocks him unconscious by breaking the whiskey bottle over his head. Chucky attempts to then coax Nica into killing Dr. Foley. Before she can act she falls into a deep sleep, dreaming that she is crawling along the institution's floor. She stops to look up and see Alice, wearing red shoes. Alice tells her that "we've been waiting for you", and disappears as Chucky approaches.

The next day, the remaining therapy group is waiting for Dr. Foley, who is running late. Malcolm insists his new name is "Charles", but Nica shakes it off and instead focuses on getting Madeleine's doll from her. Upset, she walks away to her room to put her doll to sleep. When Nica tries to follow her, Foley stops her in the hallway and tells her she assaulted him during their hypnosis session. He tells her he is willing to keep his mouth shut about this incident if she is, before the two of them enter Madeleine's room to find she smothered her doll to death. While Madeleine admits her guilt of killing her real baby, Nica believes that Chucky is faking it and tries to take the doll. Angered, Foley exclaims that it is time they buried the past once and for all, and arranges a burial for the Good Guy doll outside. Nica watches from the window inside, waiting for Chucky to reemerge, knowing the crisis has not yet ended. Hours later, her suspicions are correct, but as soon as Madeleine's Chucky breaks free from the grave, Nica is suddenly sedated by Alice's Chucky. He then puts Nica in a straitjacket and wheels her to Dr. Foley's office. Foley arrives later and finds her; though confused as to how she ended up in his office restrained, he decides to use it as another opportunity to sexually assault her.

She tell him that Chucky will kill him, and she will tell everyone of his terrible deeds. Foley is unconcerned, as he's sure that no one would ever believe a supposed schizophrenic mass murderer. Kneeling down, he gives her a pair of red high heels and begins kissing her toes before putting on the shoes. When he goes in to kiss her again, she spits in his face causing him to lurch back just in time to be hit by another whiskey bottle. To Nica's horror, she learns both of the dolls were alive, and watches as Madeleine's Chucky brings yet another Good Guy doll to life. The leading Chucky reveals that a few years prior, the original Chucky had discovered a new voodoo spell in "" that allows him to possess multiple host bodies at once, including Alice, who he reveals to have been killed by one of his victims, much to Nica's dismay.

A nurse named Carlos then enters the office, shocked to see the living Good Guys dolls. Nica screams for him to run, but he is brutally murdered by all three Chuckies. Two of the dolls walk out of the office, leaving the leader Chucky with Nica. To her surprise, Chucky reveals that he was never going to kill Nica and that there are worse fates than death. Chucky then chants a voodoo ritual transferring his soul into Nica, which also gives her the ability to walk. In Nica's honor, Chucky kills Dr. Foley by stomping his skull in the red heels he had placed on her earlier. She walks out and into another room with Malcolm, who claims that he killed Ashley. Chucky/Nica retorts that he didn't, and that he isn't "Charles", causing him to break down and lose sense of reality. Malcolm is then drilled through the head by the Madeleine's Chucky doll. After locking Andy in a padded cell, she leaves Harrogate and reunites with Tiffany before the two drive away.

Chucky (2021)

In episode 5 of the Chucky Tv series we see Nica gain control of her body for a few minutes talking to a man Chucky and Tiffany kidnapped he tried help freeing him but he hit her down causing Chucky to regain control of her body.

Murders Committed By Nica

Cult of Chucky (2017)
  1. Dr. Foley: Head stomped in. (Possessed by Chucky)
Chucky (2021)
  1. Unnamed man #1: Stabbed. (Off-screen; Possessed by Chucky)
  2. Unnamed man #2: Throat slashed. (Possessed by Chucky)


  • She is the first main character of the franchise to be in a wheelchair.
  • Nica had been studying at the local college to become a psychologist, but failed to complete her thesis and withdrew. Her thesis was on completion anxiety.
  • She also has an unspecified heart condition, which causes her to faint when she is stressed or overexerts herself.
  • She was born in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Actresses Amelia Jackson-Gray and Jacinta Yelland also auditioned for the role of Nica.
  • Fiona Dourif is the child of actor Brad Dourif, who played and voice acts Chucky throughout the franchise.