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Ashley is a nurse, working at the Harrogate mental facility.

Cult of Chucky (2017)

When Nica begins talking to Malcolm about the nurses at Harrogate, he describes Ashley as his guardian angel; she provides him with cigarettes so he does not have to go through detox.

The next day, she discovers Angela has died in an apparent suicide. Nica and Malcolm try to pursue Madeleine, suspecting that her Chucky doll is alive and killed Angela. Before the two reach her, Ashley lets her outside, telling them that Madeleine is taking her "baby" out for a walk, and they should leave her alone. In order for Malcolm to sneak outside, Nica distracts Ashley with questions about her wheelchair. Ashley then exits the room, leaving Nica alone to watch out the window, but is briefly seen as Nica watches Ashley and Carlos pull Malcolm out of the open grave he fell into.

With Claire now found dead, Nica again asks Madeleine to see her Chucky doll. This upsets her, and she leaves to put Chucky down to bed. Nica sees her begin to breastfeed the doll before Ashley closes the door to her room. Madeleine proceeds to smother the doll with her pillow, only to be confronted by Dr. Foley. They bury the doll in a makeshift grave, leaving Madeleine with only a shoe. That night, Ashley approaches her to take the shoe, as she is on suicide watch and cannot have any shoelaces. She tells Madeleine that she has two children and would do anything to keep them safe. Madeleine asks her if she loves them enough to kill them for their own good. Before she can answer, she is called on the PA to the nurse's station. Ashley tells her that she will be checking on her every 15 minutes, and closes the door.


Ashley starts to walk down the hall to check on Madeleine, and starts running once she senses something is wrong. She screams in horror as she opens the door to find Madeleine dead. After the body is taken away, she hands in her keys to Dr. Foley, explaining that the situation is too much for her and leaves. However, Malcolm follows closely behind her. Before she can exit the building, he uses a power drill to drill into her abdomen, killing her.


  • Ali Tataryn also made a cameo in Curse of Chucky, as the US EX employee who delivered Chucky to Andy at the end of the film.