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Carlos is a nurse at the Harrogate mental facility.

Cult of Chucky (2017)

As Nica first arrives at the institution, he helps unpack her clothing and explains the layout of the room. She thanks him for being nice, but he explains that he is not out to make friends, just to do his job. However, he leaves her a pack of gum before closing the door.

The next day, he wakes up Nica in the morning to give her medication. He goes over to get her some water, to which she throws a pillow on the ground to cover the pool of blood still there from the night prior, where she attempted suicide. He exits her room when she asks for some privacy, but soon after rushes into Angela's room as she is found dead.

Dr. Foley and Carlos run into Claire, who has a bite mark on her arm that she claims is from Chucky. The doctor believes that the bite is self-inflicted, and asks her to come with them. Angrily, she lunges at the doll, but is restrained by Carlos and carried to another room. She is then strapped down to a gurney and given a drug to calm her down. While casually talking with Dr. Foley, Ashley comes in to get help with Malcolm, who had fallen down into an open grave.


Later in the night he delivers a package anonymously sent to Dr. Foley, another Chucky doll. The two are confused, but just leave the doll in his office as they go on their rounds. Another patient, Madeleine, is discovered to have died, and Carlos is tasked to dispose of the Chucky doll found in Madeleine's room. He drops it down the laundry chute and continues his rounds alone.

He stops into Dr. Foley's office, and comes upon Nica strapped in a straitjacket surrounded by all three Chuckies. Nica yells at him to run, but before he can react the short-haired Chucky stabs him in the leg, causing him to fall to the ground. From there the three Chuckies proceed to stab him to death with a letter opener, drill into his chest with a power drill, and slice open his stomach with a shard of glass.


  • Carlos is Chucky's 50th victim since Child's Play.
  • He is the second gay character in the Child's Play series, the first being David Plummens, the third being Jake Wheeler, and the fourth being Devon Evans.
  • His character is based on a friend of Don Mancini's, who is also a gay Latino nurse.
  • He has a husband named Jake, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. In deleted scenes, he takes photos of Nica to sell to the tabloids, in order to get money as he had gone broke paying for Jake's medication.