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Officer "Needlenose" Norton is a corrupt police officer for the Lockport PD, working under Warren Kincaid.

Bride of Chucky (1998)

He follows Jade and Jesse, because Warren paid him extra money to make sure his niece did not get into trouble with her boyfriend.

While he was investigating Jesse's van, Chucky was trying to hide Warren's body so he would not get caught. To do so, Chucky threw a bag of marijuana at Jesse's seat so officer Norton would find it.


Norton warned Jesse about the marijuana, and he went back into his police car. Chucky followed him, and put a shirt in the gas tank and set it on fire, effectively turning the car into a Molotov Cocktail. Norton, smoking, began to smell fire and saw the burning shirt in his left side mirror. Before he could get out, however, he sees Chucky and Tiffany waving goodbye, and screams as the car explodes.