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Officer Stanton is the corrupt policeman who arrested Nica for the murders found in her house.

Curse of Chucky (2013)

Stanton is one of the officers sent to investigate a car accident involving Father Frank. He knows Frank well, as he is Stanton's sponsor, and is aware that he stopped drinking, so he is not sure why this happened. Stanton makes the call to remove the pieces to get Frank out, only to reveal that he is decapitated.


Stanton has taken Chucky in an evidence bag, and is preparing to take it to someone else. Once he is in his car, he makes a call to someone on his phone, to bring the money. He places Chucky in the passenger seat, but then notices the bag breathing. As Stanton goes to touch it, Tiffany comes from the back seat and slits his throat with a nail file, killing him.


  • After Tiffany kills him, she says "they never learn". This is a reference to her previous kill in Bride of Chucky, when Bailey attempted to peak at Chucky's remains.