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Oliver Hayden is a student at Perry Middle School and a classmate and bully of Jake. He also has a crush on Lexy, and texts her behind her boyfriend Junior's back.

Chucky (2021)

When Jake walks onto the bus carrying his Good Guy doll, Oliver throws his gym shorts at his face. Later in Science class, Oliver calls Jake a "pussy" for not dissecting his frog since he hates the sight of blood. Suddenly, all of the students get sent a mass text promoting a fake GoFundMe for Jake. Miss Fairchild takes Oliver's phone to see the fundraiser, while he throws a coin at Jake and tells him "not to spend it all in one place". When the bell rings to dismiss class, he intentionally bumps into Jake causing him to fall to the ground, and tells him not to forget his "boy toy".

That night at the talent show, Jake does a ventriloquist act with Chucky as he reads off messages from Lexy's phone. Chucky mentions that Lexy has a lot of photos of Oliver, causing him to look visibly uncomfortable.

After the death of Jake's dad, Lucas, Oliver expresses his condolences and apologizes for bullying him. He mentions that he is having a Halloween party, and there will be alcohol as his parents are away in London for the weekend. He invites Jake to come, and to bring Chucky. Once Jake arrives at the party that night, he and Devon ask Oliver if he's seen Lexy. Pretending to know where she is, he leads the two of them into a closet and locks them in for "Seven Minutes in Hell".


A few days later, Oliver goes to a party at Lexy's house and brings the alcohol. During the party, he flirts, dances, and takes selfies with her, much to the dismay of her boyfriend Junior. As Oliver leaves the living room and goes upstairs into the hallway, he is unknowingly stalked by Chucky. Thinking he is Lexy, Chucky stabs him in the leg causing him to fall to the ground. Realizing his mistake, Chucky decides to finish Oliver off regardless by stabbing him multiple times in the back.


  • Oliver is Chucky's 57th victim since Child's Play.
  • He is the youngest character to be killed on-screen in the Chucky franchise.